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Many, many factors go into selling a home or finding the right renters for a property. One thing is always true : photos matter. The images you include with your online listing are the first impression that your property makes to potential buyers and renters. For that reason, hiring a top-notch real estate photographer is crucial.

We offer top-notch real estate photography in Manhattan and the surrounding boroughs, as well as within a wide radius of the city, extending all the way into the Hamptons and Philadelphia.

As a seasoned wedding photographer, telling stories is a critical part of what I do. The stories told by your real estate photos will be what grab the eye of the viewer, getting your listing clicked on, and enticing residents to want to visit your home.

I use top of the line equipment to bring you high quality photos, superb retouching, and excellent customer service. We work with architects, designers, brokers, realtors, and individual private sellers to create a gallery of work that tells the story of your unique space.

As a resident of Brooklyn, I'm fascinated by spaces. New York is an especially intriguing place to live. Every building and every unit has a story, and it's my job to tell it for you and for future residents.

I'm working with Dwellsy Lightbox to help bring photographers and property owners together. I look forward to working with you.

Images coming soon!

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