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Additional Articles

Helpful tips and advice when trying to hire your wedding photographer. Written by award-winning New York wedding photographer Susan Stripling.

The Art of Macro Photography in Wedding Details

Discover the beauty of macro photography in wedding details, as Susan Stripling explores the magic of life's small wonders.

The Art of Wedding Silhouettes

Explore the art of wedding silhouette photography - from mastering light and shadows to capturing emotion. Learn tips, tricks, and techniques.

Ask This, Not That : The Wedding Photography Edition

Questions to ask your prospective wedding photographer - and questions NOT to ask! Written by award-winning New York wedding photographer Susan Stripling.

Best Brooklyn Hotels

Each location on this list of places to get ready for your wedding day makes an excellent choice for your Brooklyn hotel wedding!

Brightening Up A Wedding Day: Creating Sun on Overcast Days

Creating a Wedding Photography Package

Explore photographer Susan Stripling's guide to creating a wedding photography package. From included items to add-ons, everything is covered!

Do I Need a Second Photographer For My Wedding?

Do I need a second photographer for my wedding? Wedding photographer Susan Stripling will help you make this decision and weigh all options clearly!

Do I Need To Do An Engagement Session?

Explore the pros + cons of engagement sessions in my comprehensive guide. Make your wedding photography journey uniquely yours - no matter what you decide!

Double Exposures in Wedding Photography

Double Exposures in Wedding Photography: discover the magic of this technique, by wedding photographer and educator Susan Stripling.

Should we hire a photographer for our rehearsal dinner?

Should we hire a photographer for our rehearsal dinner? Susan Stripling, Brooklyn wedding photographer, will talk you through the pros and cons!

What to Wear to Your NYC Engagement Photo Session

Whether you want formal or informal, many accessories, or simple outfits, there are many options to style your NYC engagement photos.

Exploring the World of Off-Camera Flash at Weddings

Unlock the world of off-camera flash in wedding photography. Elevate your images with creative lighting techniques. Explore my comprehensive guide!

From the Internet : Questions to Ask Your Wedding Photographer

Did the internet give you a long list of questions you HAD to ask me? I s

How To Care For Your Wedding Day Digital Files

Once your wedding day digital files are delivered to you by your photographer, how do you make sure they stay safe and backed up for eyars to come?

The Importance of Family Portraits

Why family portraits on a wedding day are important. Written by award-winning wedding and portrait photographer Susan Stripling.

NYC Wedding Photographer Prices

Explore Susan Stripling's comprehensive guide on NY wedding photographer prices to make an informed decision and find the perfect fit for your wedding.

The Magic of Reflections in Wedding Photography

The Magic of Reflections in Wedding Photography, a guide to this art form by Brooklyn-based wedding photographer Susan Stripling

The Wedding Photography Process

The workflow of a successful wedding photography studio, from the first booking of the client to "what does a wedding photographer do all week?"

Wedding Photography Tips for Introverted Couples

Wedding Photography Tips for Introverted Couples: a guide for introverts by wedding photographer Susan Stripling (also an introvert!)

Why You Should Hire a Professional NYC Wedding Photographer

Discover the value of hiring a pro NYC photographer for your wedding day with this guide on Why You Should Hire a Professional NYC Wedding Photographer

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