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A Guide to Northern New Jersey Photo Locations

What is Northern New Jersey?

Northern New Jersey, also known as North Jersey, is the region of New Jersey that lies north of Central Jersey and south of the New York state border. It is a diverse region that includes urban, suburban, and rural areas, with a population of approximately 3.5 million people. The region is a major center of industry, transportation, and culture, and is home to many large corporations and universities.

The cities in Northern New Jersey include Newark, Paterson, Elizabeth, Jersey City, and Hoboken. These cities are major urban centers and home to diverse communities and cultural attractions. Northern New Jersey counties include Bergen, Essex, Hudson, Morris, Passaic, Sussex, and Warren. These counties are home to many scenic parks and natural areas, as well as historic sites and museums.

Bergen County is the most populous county in Northern New Jersey and home to many affluent suburbs and small towns. The county is known for its parks and nature reserves, including the Palisades Interstate Park and the Ramapo Valley County Reservation. Essex County is another populous county in Northern New Jersey and home to Newark and East Orange. The county is known for its cultural attractions, including the Newark Museum and the New Jersey Performing Arts Center.

Hudson County is a densely populated county that includes Jersey City and Hoboken, as well as many smaller communities. The county is known for its waterfront parks and Manhattan skyline views. Morris County is a rural county in Northern New Jersey with many small towns and communities. The county is known for its parks and natural areas, such as the Great Swamp National Wildlife Refuge and the Morris County Park System.

Passaic County is another urban county in Northern New Jersey and includes Paterson and Clifton. The county is known for its historic sites, such as the Paterson Great Falls National Historical Park and the Lambert Castle Museum. Sussex County is a rural county that includes many small towns and communities, as well as natural areas like the Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area. Finally, Warren County is a rural county in Northern New Jersey known for its scenic countryside and outdoor recreation opportunities, such as hiking, camping, and fishing.

(However, the definition of Northern New Jersey can vary depending on the context and who you ask!)

Top New Jersey Engagement PhotographerNorthern New Jersey has a LOT of excellent photo locations!

Engagement session locations in Northern New Jersey

Northern New Jersey offers a diverse range of settings perfect for engagement pictures.

From beautiful parks, lakes, and beaches to stunning mountain ranges, historic buildings, and charming towns, Northern New Jersey has something for everyone.

The area boasts a picturesque natural landscape that creates a stunning backdrop for any engagement session. Additionally, the vibrant culture and history of the area provide unique and exciting opportunities for capturing unique images.

Whether couples are looking for a scenic outdoor location, a romantic historic site, or a charming town to explore, Northern New Jersey has it all. With so many varied options to choose from, it's no wonder why Northern New Jersey is a popular destination for engagement photos.

Liberty House Wedding PhotosThe view from Liberty State Park is one of my favorites!

Here are some of my favorite locations.

  1. Liberty State Park - 200 Morris Pesin Dr, Jersey City, NJ 07305. Liberty State Park is a vast and picturesque park located in Jersey City, New Jersey. It covers over 1,200 acres and provides sweeping views of the Hudson River, the Manhattan skyline, and the Statue of Liberty. The park features a mix of natural and man-made landscapes, including expansive lawns, picnic areas, playgrounds, and bike paths. The Liberty Walkway is a popular feature of the park, offering visitors a scenic walkway along the Hudson River. Liberty State Park is a beautiful and versatile location for engagement photos, offering natural beauty and urban cityscapes.

  2. Allamuchy Mountain State Park - Waterloo Rd, Stanhope, NJ 07874. Allamuchy Mountain State Park is a beautiful location for engagement photo sessions. The park covers over 9,000 acres of scenic woodlands and rolling hills, with views of the surrounding countryside. There are several miles of hiking trails through the park, including the popular Sussex Branch Trail. This trail offers views of the Musconetcong River. The park is home to a wide variety of wildlife, including deer, wild turkeys, and various bird species. Allamuchy Mountain State Park's diverse terrain makes it an excellent location for engagement photos, with plenty of natural backdrops to choose from.

  3. Branch Brook Park - Lake St, Newark, NJ 07104. Branch Brook Park covers over 350 acres. It is the largest park in Essex County and features one of the most extensive collections of cherry blossom trees in the United States. The park has a rich history, dating back to 1895. It was designed by landscape architect Frederick Law Olmsted, who also designed New York's Central Park.

    The park has several picturesque areas, including a lake, a meandering river, and numerous walking paths. In addition to cherry blossoms, the park also features many other types of trees, including oak, hickory, and maple. There are several ponds and lakes throughout the park, home to waterfowl.

    There are several popular spots for engagement photos in the park. These include the cherry blossom groves, the lake, and the river bridges. The park is open year-round and popular with residents of Newark and the surrounding area.

  4. Cedar Grove Reservoir - Reservoir Drive, Cedar Grove, NJ 07009. Cedar Grove Reservoir is a stunning location for engagement photos, with a scenic view of the reservoir and surrounding mountains. The reservoir is surrounded by lush forests and is a popular spot for hiking and birdwatching. The reservoir itself provides a beautiful backdrop for photos with its tranquil blue waters and forested hills in the distance. The area is also home to many wildlife species such as ducks, geese, and other birds. These species can add an original and interesting addition to any photo. The area offers plenty of space for couples to walk around and explore. The natural beauty of the landscape makes for an excellent photo setting.

  5. Cheesequake State Park - 300 Gordon Rd, Matawan, NJ 07747. Cheesequake State Park is beautiful and unique. It features stunning landscapes and abundant wildlife. The park covers over 1,200 acres and includes forests, fields, saltwater, and freshwater marshes. There are several trails throughout the park, including a boardwalk trail that takes visitors through the marshes. This trail offers breathtaking views of the surrounding landscape. The park also has a lake where visitors can fish, boat, and swim. The park's unique geological features, such as layers of sandstone and shale, make it a popular spot for geologists and nature enthusiasts. Cheesequake State Park is a hidden gem in New Jersey.

  6. Cora Hartshorn Arboretum and Bird Sanctuary - 324 Forest Dr S, Short Hills, NJ 07078. The Cora Hartshorn Arboretum and Bird Sanctuary is a wonderful nature preserve. The sanctuary spans over 16 acres of woodland and includes lush gardens, winding trails, and diverse wildlife. The park is known for its wildflowers and butterfly garden, which makes for an ideal backdrop for engagement photos. Additionally, the park has a beautiful pond that attracts a variety of wildlife including ducks, geese, and turtles. The sanctuary is a peaceful and serene location and a perfect spot for couples looking for a natural setting for their engagement photos.

  7. Duke Farms - 1112 Dukes Pkwy W, Hillsborough Township, NJ 08844. Duke Farms is a nature reserve that offers beautiful engagement photo opportunities. The property is over 2,700 acres and has over 18 miles of trails. The park features gardens, waterfalls, meadows, forests, and lakes that make for beautiful backdrops for engagement photos. The Orchid Range, Great Meadow, and the Arboretum are popular spots for pictures. Additionally, Duke Farms has several historic buildings and structures that add to the park's unique character. These include the Hay Barn, the Coach Barn, and the Orchid Range. The park is open year-round and has free admission.

  8. Duke Island Park - Old York Rd, Bridgewater Township, NJ 08807. Duke Island Park is a picturesque location spanning over 300 acres of natural beauty. Located along the Raritan River, the park boasts some of the most scenic landscapes in Northern New Jersey. The park is an excellent location for outdoor activities. It offers a large picnic area, miles of scenic walking trails, and numerous spots for fishing, boating, and wildlife watching. The main feature of the park is the stunning Duke Island Dam, which provides breathtaking views of the river and surrounding woodland. The park is easily accessible and offers ample parking, making it a popular destination for visitors throughout the year.

  9. Eagle Rock Reservation - 1 Crest Dr, West Orange, NJ 07052. Eagle Rock Reservation is a park located in West Orange, New Jersey. The park offers panoramic views of the New York City skyline and surrounding areas, making it a popular spot for engagement and wedding photography. The park is accessible via several hiking trails and features a variety of amenities, including picnic areas, playgrounds, and a dog park.

  10. East Brunswick Arboretum - 105 Hardenburg Ln, East Brunswick, NJ 08816. The East Brunswick Arboretum is a beautiful 16-acre park. The Arboretum features a variety of plant species, including trees, shrubs, and flowers, making it an ideal location for engagement photos. The park includes several walking paths and bridges over ponds, providing scenic views. Additionally, the arboretum has a gazebo and pergola, both great backdrops for engagement photos. With its serene setting and ample photo opportunities, the East Brunswick Arboretum is a popular spot for engagement photo sessions.

  11. Essex County Brookdale Park - 473 Watchung Ave, Bloomfield, NJ 07003. Essex County Brookdale Park is a sprawling park. The park boasts a stunning rose garden, perfect for engagement photos with its vibrant colors and fragrant blooms. Other notable features of the park include the Brookdale Park Dog Park, an ideal spot for furry friends to join in on the photoshoot. In addition, the Brookdale Park Tennis Center provides a beautiful backdrop for formal engagement photos. The park also has several scenic trails that wind through lush forests and over babbling streams, offering a serene setting for nature-inspired photos.

  12. Fosterfields Living Historical Farm - 73 Kahdena Rd, Morris Township, NJ 07960. Fosterfields Living Historical Farm is an exceptional location for engagement photos in northern New Jersey. This historic farm offers beautiful scenery and interesting backdrops. The farm is part of the Morris County Park System and home to several preserved historic buildings, including a Victorian mansion and a working farm. The 213-acre property features meadows, streams, and woodlands, making it a great spot for rustic and vintage-themed engagement photos. Visitors can tour the property and see various farm animals, including cows, pigs, and sheep. With its rich history and stunning natural beauty, Fosterfields Living Historical Farm is a charming and unique location for engagement photos in northern New Jersey.

  13. Garrett Mountain Reservation - 288 Rifle Camp Rd, Woodland Park, NJ 07424. Garrett Mountain Reservation is a 568-acre park located in Woodland Park, New Jersey. The park offers breathtaking views of the New York City skyline and is popular with outdoor enthusiasts. The park is home to several trails, picnic areas, and facilities for various activities, including basketball, softball, and soccer. There are also several ponds and streams within the park, adding to its serene atmosphere. The park's most popular feature is Lambert Castle, an impressive 19th-century mansion open to the public and often used as a backdrop for photography. Garrett Mountain Reservation is a must-see for anyone looking for a natural setting to take engagement photos.

  14. Great Falls National Historical Park - 72 McBride Ave, Paterson, NJ 07501. This park is home to one of the largest waterfalls on the East Coast and has magnificent views and natural beauty. It's a popular spot for engagement photos with the waterfall and old industrial buildings in the background. The park features a pedestrian bridge that provides a lovely view of the falls and the surrounding area. Additionally, the park has several walking trails, picnic areas, and a visitor center with exhibits on the history of the park and the surrounding area.

  15. Greenwood Gardens - 274 Old Short Hills Rd, Short Hills, NJ 07078. Greenwood Gardens is a 28-acre public garden. The garden is situated on the former estate of Joseph P. Day, a successful businessman and financier. It includes a variety of plant species, walking paths, sculptures, and historic buildings. The gardens feature a formal walled garden, naturalistic woodlands, an Italian garden, and a tea house surrounded by a reflecting pool. Visitors can also explore the many hidden nooks and crannies of the garden, including the moss garden, pond, and topiary garden. The gardens offer a peaceful and serene atmosphere and provide a beautiful backdrop for engagement photos.

  16. Hacklebarney State Park - 119 Hacklebarney Rd, Long Valley, NJ 07853. Hacklebarney State Park is a picturesque park located in Long Valley, New Jersey. The park covers over 1,000 acres and features several trails that take visitors through wooded areas, fields, and along the Black River. One of the most popular trails is the Hacklebarney Trail. This is a two-mile loop that offers stunning views of the river, waterfalls, and towering trees. Visitors can also enjoy fishing, picnicking, and bird watching in the park. The park has several small parking areas along the road, making it easy to access.

  17. Hamilton Park - 9th St &, McWilliams Pl, Jersey City, NJ 07302. Hamilton Park is located at the intersection of 9th Street and McWilliams Place in Jersey City, NJ 07302. The park is situated on a hill with several levels, providing a beautiful view of the city skyline. The park features an expansive central lawn, walking paths, and numerous benches and tables. A large gazebo serves as a focal point of the park and is a popular spot for photos. The park also has a playground, basketball court, and dog run. Several large trees provide shade, and the park is surrounded by residential buildings and a bustling neighborhood, making it a unique urban oasis.

  18. High Point State Park - 1480 NJ-23, Sussex, NJ 07461. High Point State Park is a beautiful natural area boasting panoramic views of the surrounding countryside. The park is home to the highest point in New Jersey, marked by a monument at the top of a 220-foot-tall obelisk. Visitors can hike to the top of the monument for views of the surrounding hills, forests, and lakes. The park also has a large outdoor swimming pool, open during the summer months. The natural beauty of the area, combined with the park's many recreational opportunities, makes it a great location for engagement photos.

  19. Lambert Castle - 3 Valley Rd, Paterson, NJ 07503. Lambert Castle is a beautiful historical landmark perfect for engagement photos. The castle was built in the late 19th century and boasts an impressive blend of architectural styles, with influences from Gothic, Romanesque, and Renaissance Revival styles. The castle sits atop a hill and offers views of the surrounding area. The castle's grounds are also beautiful, featuring a formal garden and a terraced hillside. The castle's interior is equally impressive, with ornate woodwork and elegant furnishings.

  20. Lewis Morris County Park - 270 Mendham Rd, Morris Township, NJ 07960. Lewis Morris County Park is known for its gardens, vast meadows, and serene woodlands, which provide a great setting for engagement photos. There are several ponds within the park, including Sunrise Lake. The park is home to several historic sites, including the original colonial-era Cooper Gristmill, which has been restored to working order, and the restored carriage house of the Kitchell family. The park also has numerous hiking trails, a wildlife observatory, and a picnic area. This makes it an ideal spot to spend an afternoon taking engagement photos.

  21. Mill Creek Point Park - 1 Mill Creek Rd, Secaucus, NJ 07094. Mill Creek Point Park is situated on the Hackensack River. The park features a 34-acre freshwater wetland and offers stunning views of the Manhattan skyline. Visitors can enjoy walking along the park's trails or sitting on the benches to watch boats pass by on the river. The park also has a fishing pier, a picnic area, and a small playground.

  22. Paterson Museum - 2 Market St, Paterson, NJ 07501. The Paterson Museum is a historic landmark. The museum, situated in the Old Great Falls Historic District, was established in 1929. It features exhibits on the city's rich industrial history, including exhibits on textiles, locomotives, and silk production. The building itself is a beautiful architectural marvel, with its unique Beaux-Arts design and ornate detailing. The museum also features a beautiful courtyard, which is a popular spot for engagement photos.

  23. Pyramid Mountain Natural Historic Area - 472 Boonton Ave, Montville, NJ 07045. The area is a natural wonderland spanning over 1,500 acres of preserved forests, wetlands, and open fields. Visitors can explore the various trails, which range from easy to challenging, and immerse themselves in the stunning scenic beauty. The park is known for its unusual rock formations, including Bear Rock and Tripod Rock, which were formed by glaciers thousands of years ago. These natural wonders offer unique photo opportunities for couples looking for adventurous engagement shoots. Additionally, the park offers educational programs, nature walks, and other events throughout the year. Visitors can also enjoy a picnic lunch in one of the park's designated picnic areas. They can also relax at one of the area's many ponds or lakes.

  24. Raritan Bay Waterfront Park - Bridge St, South Amboy, NJ 08879. This park is an excellent location for engagement photos as it offers stunning views of Raritan Bay and the New York City skyline. The park includes a beach, a fishing pier, and walking trails through marshlands. In addition, there is a playground for children and picnic areas for visitors to enjoy. The park is easily accessible by car and has ample parking.

  25. Reeves-Reed Arboretum - 165 Hobart Ave, Summit, NJ 07901. Reeves-Reed Arboretum is a serene nature preserve. The arboretum spans over 13.5 acres of landscaped gardens, woodlands, and meadows. It is home to a wide variety of trees, shrubs, and flowering plants. This makes it a perfect spot for engagement photos at any time of the year. The property has several picturesque spots for photography, including a beautifully manicured rose garden, a tranquil pond with a footbridge, and a colorful wildflower meadow. The arboretum is surrounded by tall trees, providing a natural and peaceful backdrop for photos. Additionally, the historic Wisner House on the property adds charm and elegance to any photo session.

  26. Rutgers Gardens - 112 Ryders Ln, New Brunswick, NJ. Rutgers Gardens is an impressive 180-acre botanical garden. The garden is owned and operated by Rutgers University and serves as an educational resource for the community. Visitors to the garden can explore a variety of themed gardens. These include a Bamboo Forest, a Rhododendron and Azalea Garden, a Cottage Garden, and a Children's Garden. The garden also features a diverse collection of plant species, including trees, shrubs, perennials, and annuals. In addition to the gardens, Rutgers Gardens also has several walking paths, benches, and picnic areas. This makes it a perfect spot for engagement photos.

  27. Sandy Hook Beach - 128 S Hartshorne Dr, Highlands, NJ 07732. Sandy Hook Beach is a popular destination for engagement photos in New Jersey. This beach is situated on a long, narrow barrier peninsula that juts out into the Atlantic Ocean. With its stunning views of the ocean and the New York City skyline, Sandy Hook Beach is a favorite spot for photographers.

    There are many different spots to take photos at Sandy Hook Beach, from the soft white sand to the rolling dunes and grassy areas. The historic Sandy Hook Lighthouse is also a great spot for photos, as is the Sandy Hook Chapel. This is one of the oldest buildings in the area.

    One unique feature of Sandy Hook Beach is the Fort Hancock Historic District. This includes historic buildings and structures that were once part of a military installation. The buildings and structures make a unique backdrop for photos and include old army barracks, officer's quarters, and a former gun battery

  28. Skylands Manor - 5 Morris Rd, Ringwood, NJ 07456. Skylands Manor is a magnificent country mansion located on a hilltop overlooking the Ramapo Mountains in Ringwood, NJ. Built in the 1920s, the Tudor-style mansion features beautiful gardens and a serene atmosphere, making it a popular location for engagement photos. The property boasts 1,000 acres of landscaped gardens, lawns, and woodlands, providing endless photo backdrop options. The mansion's grand entrance and breathtaking interior make it a must-see location. The property also features a reflecting pool, a walled garden, and several unique features such as a ruin garden and a wildflower meadow. Skylands Manor is a popular location year-round, showcasing its unique beauty.

  29. The Hermitage - 335 N Franklin Turnpike, Ho-Ho-Kus, NJ 07423. The Hermitage is a National Historic Landmark. It was built in the 18th century and was originally a farmhouse for the Rosencrantz family. The home has since been expanded and restored, and now serves as a museum and event space. The Hermitage boasts beautiful gardens and grounds. The gardens include a walled garden, a wildflower meadow, and a pond with a fountain. The house's exterior is also picturesque, with its red brick exterior and white columns. Inside, the museum features exhibits on the house's history and its former occupants. The Hermitage is an unusual and charming location for engagement photos that offers both historic and natural beauty.

  30. The Rose Garden at Colonial Park - 156 Mettlers Rd, Somerset, NJ 08873. The Rose Garden at Colonial Park is a beautiful location for engagement photos. The garden is located within Colonial Park, a 685-acre park featuring outdoor recreational activities. The Rose Garden is a popular destination for couples looking to capture their love in a natural, picturesque setting.

    The Rose Garden is home to a variety of different roses, including hybrid teas, floribundas, grandifloras, and miniatures. The garden is designed circularly, with a fountain in the center and pathways leading in different directions. The roses are planted in rows around the outside of the circle, with benches placed at intervals to provide seating for visitors.

    The garden is meticulously maintained, with each rose plant individually labeled to provide information about the variety. There are also informational signs throughout the garden providing background on the garden's history and the different types of roses on display.

    The Rose Garden at Colonial Park is open to the public free of charge. It is a wonderful place for engagement photos during the spring and summer months.

  31. Van Saun County Park - 216 Forest Ave, Paramus, NJ 07652. Van Saun County Park covers over 146 acres and has a variety of facilities for visitors to enjoy. One of the main attractions of the park is the Bergen County Zoo, which houses over 100 species of animals from around the world. The zoo has a large collection of exotic animals, including tigers, monkeys, and birds.

    The park also has several playgrounds and picnic areas, making it a great spot for families to spend a day outside. There are several sports fields and courts available for use, including basketball, softball, and tennis. Visitors can walk along the walking paths that wind through the park, enjoying the scenery and the fresh air.

    In addition to its recreational facilities, Van Saun County Park is also home to the Washington Spring Garden. This is a serene botanical garden that offers a peaceful respite from everyday life. The garden features a variety of plant species and is a great place for nature lovers and photographers alike.

  32. Van Vleck House & Gardens - 21 Van Vleck St, Montclair, NJ 07042. Van Vleck House & Gardens is a beautiful location for engagement photos, located in the heart of Montclair, New Jersey. This historic property was once the home of a wealthy industrialist and has now been transformed into a serene oasis in the middle of town. The gardens feature a wide variety of plantings, including colorful annuals, towering trees, and fragrant herbs. Outdoor spaces include lush lawns, meandering paths, and fountains, making it a perfect backdrop for engagement photos. The historic mansion itself is a charming addition to any photo, with its stately columns and classic architectural features. Whether you're looking for a quiet, intimate setting or a grand backdrop for your engagement photos, Van Vleck House & Gardens has something for everyone.

  33. Verona Park - 542 Bloomfield Ave, Verona, NJ 07044. Verona Park is a stunning 54.32-acre park in Verona, New Jersey, located in the center of the town. The park was designed by the landscape architecture firm of Olmsted Brothers in 1919 and features a picturesque lake, walking paths, and gardens.

    The park's centerpiece is a large lake surrounded by lush trees and vegetation. The lake has a beautiful fountain in the center, and visitors can rent paddleboats during the warmer months. There are several walking paths that circle the lake. Visitors can take in the sights and sounds of the park while exercising.

    One of the park's most popular features is the impressive waterfall that flows over a rocky ledge on the eastern side of the lake. This waterfall provides a stunning backdrop for photographs and is a favorite spot for engagement and wedding photos.

    The park also has a variety of gardens maintained by volunteers and local organizations. The gardens include a rose garden, a Japanese garden, and a formal garden, among others. Each garden has its own unique style and features a variety of flowers and plants that bloom throughout the year.

    In addition to the lake, gardens, and walking paths, Verona Park has several other amenities, including tennis courts, a playground, and a boathouse. The boathouse is available for rental for weddings and other events and provides a beautiful setting for a celebration.

    Verona Park is a picturesque and serene location perfect for engagement photos. With its stunning lake, gardens, and variety of amenities, there is no shortage of photo opportunities in this lovely park.

  34. Watchung Reservation - 452 New Providence Rd, Mountainside, NJ 07092. Watchung Reservation is a 2,000-acre nature reserve located in Union County, New Jersey. It boasts over 13 miles of hiking trails and scenic vistas with abundant wildlife and natural beauty. Visitors can explore the diverse ecosystems, including forests, wetlands, and fields, that make up the reservation. They can also enjoy panoramic views of the New York City skyline. The reservation also features Lake Surprise, where visitors can fish, boat, or kayak. For a more leisurely experience, visitors can stroll through the Sensory Trail, which features fragrant and colorful flowers and plants. The Watchung Reservation is a great spot for engagement photos with its picturesque landscape, including waterfalls and rock formations.

  35. Willowwood Arboretum - 300 Longview Rd, Chester, NJ 07930. Willowwood Arboretum is a nature reserve spanning 130 acres of land. Located near the historic Willowwood Mansion, the arboretum is home to a diverse collection of trees, plants, and flowers that captivate visitors. The property features a network of walking trails that wind through fields, woodlands, and gardens, providing ample opportunity for engagement photos. Visitors can expect an array of beautiful plants and flowers, including azaleas, rhododendrons, irises, and daylilies, among others. The property also features several historic buildings, including a carriage house and a farmstead that date back to the early 1900s. This tranquil and picturesque setting is a popular destination for nature enthusiasts and couples looking for engagement photos.

New Jersey Engagement Photographers

In conclusion, Northern New Jersey offers a plethora of picturesque locations for engagement photography. From parks and gardens to historical sites and scenic overlooks, there are endless options to choose from. The diverse landscape of the region provides opportunities for a wide range of photography styles and settings. This is whether you're looking for a rustic outdoor feel or an urban, cityscape backdrop.

With its proximity to New York City and abundance of natural beauty, Northern New Jersey is a great choice for memorable engagement photos.

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