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Loews Philly Wedding

Wedding planning is complicated. Your wedding photography shouldn't be.

For current pricing and package information please contact us here!

Wedding photography rates

Wedding planning has a lot to complete. You're deciding on a venue, a date, your guest count, a wedding party or no wedding party, rehearsal dinner, and so very much more. I firmly believe in keeping your wedding photography options simple and easy to choose from.

No two wedding days are exactly alike, and no two clients need the same number of hours, albums, or parent albums. Some might want rehearsal dinner coverage while others don't. Same with engagement sessions.

My pricing is VERY simple.

You can choose from hourly options or from three collections. The collections feature the most popular configurations clients have used to add up hourly coverage and products over the years - and they also come with a built-in discount for bundling items together.

Always included with both the hourly a la carte options and the collections you will receive:

  • A password-protected online image gallery for easy downloading of digital files
  • Your collection of hand-edited digital files delivered within six weeks of your wedding date

You're welcome to add to your coverage or collection at any time. You might already know you need more time, some books, an additional photographer, and an engagement session. You might decide on these things along the way. We're here with a very easy, simply laid-out price list to help you put together the right options for you, whenever you need to add them on.

Nighttime Engagement Photos New York

Want to know more? Let's break it down even further!
An assistant comes with me to every wedding that I shoot. My assistant is there to help us stay organized. She parks the car, carries the bags, keeps track of the equipment, helps the flow of equipment throughout the day move seamlessly, helps organize the family groupings for portraits, and does dozens of other, mostly un-noticed, things that help your wedding photography experience progress with smoothness and efficiency.
My assistant also does a small bit of light shooting. While a second shooter is dedicated to photographing all day long and doing nothing else, my assistant helps with coverage only during certain points of the day. My assistant is a second angle during the ceremony and aids with other parts of the day that could benefit from a second vantage point. While her job is not solely to photograph, she does bring a wonderful eye to crucial parts of the wedding day coverage.
Park Savoy Wedding
The online image gallery is how you receive your digital files. It’s a private, password-protected online image gallery that cannot be accessed without the aforementioned password. It is delivered to you within six weeks of your wedding date, via email. Once you receive your gallery you can use it to order reprints, download your high-resolution digital files, share your images with family and friends, and keep your images backed up for the future.
Wedding at Whitby Castle
Your hand-edited digital files are the files delivered in this online gallery. Since many photographers handle their digital files differently, allow me to explain my process! After your wedding, all of your images are downloaded and meticulously backed up.
We then lightly cull through the images, removing all true outtakes (eyes closed, head turned, etc.). Then we have each image edited one at a time, by hand. We truly go the extra mile to make sure that your digital files are a wonderfully finished final product.
Guggenheim Estate Wedding
Lastly, you will receive a clients-only phone number. This will ring directly to my cell phone, and will get answered unless I’m at another wedding or actively involved in a shoot or meeting! This can be super helpful when trying to reach me on the wedding day, or before an engagement session or meeting.
Washington Square Park Wedding Photography

Wedding Albums

We have albums of all sizes, starting at 8x12 and going upwards in number of pages and size of the actual physical book. To learn more about our wedding albums, click here!

Weylin Wedding Brooklyn

Engagement sessions

I completely understand that some wedding clients want to have engagement photos taken, and some do not! For this reason, adding an engagement session to your wedding photography is completely up to you!
If you do want to take engagement photos, I am happy to help you choose a location that’s meaningful to you. I have a list of Brooklyn and New York spots for engagement sessions, and I also have a list for Philadelphia.
If you want to have your engagement pictures taken somewhere else, just let me know, and let’s talk!

Prospect Park Engagement Pictures

Destination Wedding Photographer New York

What makes you different from other photographers?

I know that when you're on the hunt for a wedding photographer, there are many artists to choose from. It can sometimes be difficult to truly differentiate what makes one photographer "better" than another. Some of it is technical skills. Some of it is the individual photographer's artistic eye. Some might be the package offerings that they have.

What makes me different from other wedding photographers?

  • I've been in business for almost eighteen years.
  • I've shot over eight hundred weddings.
  • I've been honored by my peers with numerous awards, accolades, and honors.
  • I'm highly trained in all technical aspects of wedding photography. I can create beautiful images for you in the rain, in the snow, in the dark, when a timeline completely falls apart, when things run late, when it's high noon in August, on the beach, in the city, and so forth.
  • I'm valued by my photography peers as an educator. I have taught many aspiring and professional photographers in all aspects of business, finance, technical skill, and artistic development.
  • I'm extremely experienced in all aspects of the wedding day: I can help you craft a timeline, pin a flower on a jacket, answer any questions that you have about your wedding day, help you choose vendors, and lend my nearly two decades of experience to you.

Same Sex Wedding Photography New York

Why aren’t more detailed and specific prices listed here?

That’s an excellent question, and I understand the desire to obtain pricing information quickly and easily. Many things factor into the prices of the collections. For example, if your wedding requires travel far out of state, there will be a travel fee associated with the price list. If your wedding requires a plane flight to another country, travel fees will vary based on location. If you're having an intimate wedding, an off-season wedding, a multi-day wedding, or an elopement, there might be changes there as well. I want to make sure that you receive the right information for your wedding!

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