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Venue Name

Belle Mer

Venue Location

2 Goat Island, Newport, RI 02840

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Belle Mer is a premier wedding and event venue located in Newport, Rhode Island. The venue is situated on seven acres of oceanfront property, offering stunning views of the Atlantic Ocean and Newport Bridge.

Belle Mer offers several different event spaces to accommodate weddings and other special occasions of varying sizes. The Water Salon, for example, is a large, open space with floor-to-ceiling windows that provide spectacular views of the ocean. The Loft is another popular event space, featuring a modern, industrial design with beautiful waterfront views.

One of the unique features of Belle Mer is its versatility - the venue can be transformed to fit a wide range of wedding styles, from formal and traditional to modern and trendy. The venue's team of event specialists works closely with couples to customize every detail of their wedding, including the decor, lighting, and menu.

In addition to its stunning event spaces, Belle Mer also offers exceptional cuisine and beverage services. The venue's executive chef, Christina Adamo, specializes in creating customized menus that feature locally-sourced ingredients and reflect the unique tastes and preferences of each couple.

Overall, Belle Mer is a beautiful and luxurious wedding venue that offers unparalleled oceanfront views and exceptional service. Whether you're planning a large and lavish wedding or a more intimate affair, Belle Mer's stunning setting and world-class amenities make it an ideal choice for couples looking to create a truly unforgettable wedding experience.

Belle Mer Photo Locations

As an oceanfront venue, Belle Mer offers a really great series of unique options for wedding photography, with several locations on the property that are ideal for capturing beautiful and memorable photos. Here are a few locations to consider:

  1. The Lawn - Belle Mer's expansive lawn is a popular spot for wedding photos. The lawn offers sweeping views of the Atlantic Ocean and Newport Bridge, and can be especially beautiful during sunset.
  2. The Beach - Belle Mer is situated right on the beach, providing plenty of opportunities for beachfront wedding photography. Whether you're looking for photos in the sand, in the water, or with the stunning Newport Bridge in the background, the beach is a great spot for capturing dramatic shots.
  3. The Patio - Belle Mer's patio is another popular location for wedding photography. The patio offers panoramic views of the ocean and Newport Bridge, and its stone flooring and elegant white drapery make for a beautiful and sophisticated backdrop.
  4. The Staircase - Belle Mer's sweeping staircase is a grand and elegant feature of the venue and can be a great location for formal wedding photos. The staircase is one of my favorite spots, especially with the ocean and bridge visible in the background.
  5. The Rose Garden - Belle Mer's Rose Garden is a hidden gem on the property, featuring a variety of colorful and fragrant flowers. The garden provides a beautiful and intimate setting for wedding photography, with a range of unique backdrops and details to incorporate into your photos.

Overall, Belle Mer offers a range of stunning locations for wedding photography, from the lawn and beach to the patio, staircase, and rose garden. Whether you're looking for formal portraits or more candid and romantic shots, Belle Mer's oceanfront setting and elegant details make it a perfect location for capturing beautiful and memorable wedding photos.

Newport Photo Locations

Newport, Rhode Island is a beautiful and historic town that offers a variety of picturesque locations for wedding photography. Here are a few locations to consider:

  1. The Cliff Walk - The Cliff Walk is a scenic path that runs along the coast of Newport. The path offers stunning views of the ocean and rocky coastline, as well as access to several historic mansions that can serve as backdrops for photos.
  2. The Newport Mansions - Newport is home to several historic mansions that offer beautiful and grand backdrops for wedding photos. The Breakers, Marble House, and The Elms are just a few of the mansions that can be rented for photography sessions.
  3. The Ocean Drive - The Ocean Drive is a scenic drive that offers stunning views of the ocean and coastline. The drive takes you past several historic landmarks, including Fort Adams and Brenton Point State Park.
  4. Bowen's Wharf - Bowen's Wharf is a charming and historic shopping district in downtown Newport. The wharf features cobblestone streets, colorful storefronts, and beautiful views of Newport Harbor.
  5. King Park - King Park is a waterfront park located near downtown Newport. The park offers beautiful views of Newport Harbor, as well as a variety of flowers, trees, and greenery.
  6. The Newport Bridge - The Newport Bridge is a stunning feat of engineering, and offers a unique and dramatic backdrop for wedding photos. The bridge spans the East Passage of Narragansett Bay, connecting Newport to Jamestown.

Overall, Newport, Rhode Island is basically a wedding photographer's dream. From the stunning coastline and historic mansions to charming downtown streets and waterfront parks, there are plenty of options for your wedding day photo locations.