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Venue Name

The Foundry

Venue Location

42-38 9th St, Long Island City, NY 11101

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In 1906 The Alba Metal Foundry was the main supplier of steel for the Long Island City area, however, the manufacturing side faded out by the 19070s and in 1982 the Du Val family purchased the property restoring the 3,00 square foot space and began hosting events in the early 2000s. Today, The Foundry finds new life as a popular event space loved by wedding couples who love New York architecture with a side of nature.

What I love most about The Foundry is the freedom that a couple has to truly create a wedding day that authentically reflects who they are. Brick walls meet glass rooftops, and the entire venue is a blank canvas with a rustic urban touch that enhances and doesn’t limit any design or décor ideas.

Ceremonies can be held in the Main Space which is often home to crisscrossing Edison lights, floral displays or drapery. Light cascades down through exposed iron beams from the stunning glass ceiling. A meld of red bricks, iron, and light creates a raw canvas ready to embrace your ideas. The cool industrial vibe becomes industrial chic with even just the simplest touches and it quickly transforms into an intimate space for friends and family to witness the vows. Outside in the Courtyard couples can choose to hold their ceremony beneath the climbing ivy and blue skies, or they can have the space tented.

Receptions inside the Main Space often make fun use of The Mezzanine above, which also lends itself to taking creating stunning images as it wraps above the room on both sides. The Mezzanine is a great spot for hosting a cocktail hour, as is The Greenhouse, both flooded with light and textures which make The Foundry a talking point for guests. Another thing wedding couples appreciate about The Foundry is the industrial kitchen and the ability to for a couple to hire the caterer of their choice.

An amazing space in its own right, The Courtyard, with its lush greens, brick surroundings, and views of the Queensboro Bridge and Manhattan, provides an amazing portrait backdrop for a ceremony, reception or formal portraits. Watch the sunset and dance underneath the stars while the small din of the city mixes with the music; it’s nothing short of cinematic.

Usually, when someone says, “Lights, Camera, Action!”, at The Foundry, it’s because they are filming for a movie or a TV Show on the location. However, what I’m talking about is the endless amount of light and shadows and arches doorways which allow me to grab my camera and capture all the action of the day: the connection, the emotion. Light shadows, lines, and arched brick doorways are historical characteristics that mix with natural elements is any photographer's dream. In today’s world where artistry, creativity, and authenticity are demanded by couples and desired by guests, The Foundry is a place that offers all of that complete with views of the Manhattan skyline.

Locations for photos at the Foundry

The Foundry in Long Island City is a beautiful and unique venue for wedding photography with a range of stunning locations to choose from. Here are 7 of the best spots to take pictures at The Foundry:

  1. The Courtyard: This outdoor space is surrounded by brick walls and is beautifully lit, making it the perfect spot for couples' portraits.
  2. The Alcove: A unique and intimate spot that overlooks the courtyard, perfect for romantic and candid shots.
  3. The Greenhouse: A bright and airy indoor space with large windows that provide plenty of natural light, making it ideal for getting ready photos.
  4. The Terrace: A rooftop area with stunning views of the city skyline and the Queensboro Bridge.
  5. The Lounge: A chic indoor space with a cozy fireplace and beautiful exposed brick walls.
  6. The Studio: A large open space with high ceilings, perfect for group photos and full-body shots.
  7. The Staircase: A grand staircase with a beautifully wrought iron railing that makes for a dramatic backdrop for wedding photos.

Each of these locations at The Foundry is beautiful and unique, offering a range of options for stunning wedding photography. As a professional wedding photographer, I have experience working with the lighting and architecture of this venue to capture the beauty of each space. This is exceptionally easy to do at a place as lovely as The Foundry!

Locations for photos in Long Island City near The Foundry

If your wedding day timeline permits and you'd like to leave The Foundry to explore Long Island City, let's do it!

Here are my favorite 20 locations to take pictures in Long Island City:

  1. Gantry Plaza State Park - This park offers stunning views of the Manhattan skyline and the East River. It has a long pier, a beautiful waterfront promenade, and a lush lawn for picnics.
  2. Long Island City Piers - Located right next to Gantry Plaza State Park, the LIC piers offer uninterrupted views of Manhattan and the East River. It's a popular spot for sunset photos.
  3. Queensboro Bridge - The bridge's unique architecture and historic design make it a great backdrop for photos. You can capture the bridge's grandeur from different angles.
  4. MoMA PS1 - This contemporary art museum is housed in an old public school building, which provides an industrial backdrop for photos. Its large outdoor courtyard is also a great spot for pictures.
  5. Court Square - This elevated plaza offers panoramic views of Manhattan and Long Island City. It's a great spot for group photos or photos of the skyline.
  6. LIC Arts Open Gallery - This gallery space showcases local artists and offers a unique backdrop for photos. The space is filled with artwork, colorful murals, and industrial elements.
  7. SculptureCenter - A contemporary art museum housed in a former trolley repair shop, this space features outdoor sculptures, a garden, and a courtyard with exposed brick walls.
  8. LIC Flea & Food - This outdoor market offers a colorful and eclectic backdrop for photos. It's filled with food vendors, vintage clothing, and handmade crafts.
  9. Brick House Ceramic Art Center - This pottery studio offers a unique setting for photos. Its industrial space features high ceilings, exposed brick walls, and colorful ceramic pieces.
  10. The Secret Theatre - This intimate theater space has a vintage feel with velvet curtains and ornate details. It's a great spot for dramatic photos.
  11. Hunter's Point South Park - This park offers waterfront views of Manhattan and a lush green space for photos. Its sleek design includes a waterfront promenade and a central green lawn.
  12. Dutch Kills Green - This community garden offers a beautiful and colorful backdrop for photos. Its lush greenery, flowers, and outdoor art installations create a serene atmosphere.
  13. Five Pointz - This former graffiti mecca has been redeveloped into a luxury apartment complex, but its colorful murals and street art still provide a unique backdrop for photos.
  14. Anable Basin Sailing Bar & Grill - This waterfront restaurant and bar offers views of the East River and the Manhattan skyline. Its outdoor deck and marina create a nautical theme for photos
  15. LIC Bar - This historic bar features a cozy indoor space and a beautiful outdoor courtyard with exposed brick walls and string lights.
  16. The Local NY - This rustic-chic restaurant features an indoor space with exposed brick walls, wooden beams, and vintage decor. Its outdoor space includes a garden and a fire pit.
  17. Alewife - This craft beer bar features an industrial space with high ceilings, exposed brick walls, and colorful murals. Its outdoor beer garden is a great spot for photos.
  18. John Brown Smokehouse - This barbecue joint features an outdoor patio with picnic tables and string lights. Its indoor space has a rustic feel with wooden tables and an exposed brick wall.
  19. Sweetleaf Coffee Roasters - This cozy coffee shop features an industrial aesthetic with a wooden bar, exposed pipes, and brick walls. Its outdoor seating area is a great spot for photos.
  20. LIC Beer Project - This brewery features an industrial-chic space with wooden barrels, exposed brick walls, and

In summary, as a wedding photographer, I believe I am an excellent choice for clients getting married at The Foundry. With my experience shooting in various lighting conditions, I can capture the stunning industrial interiors and unique outdoor spaces at The Foundry. I strive to create timeless and elegant images that will perfectly capture the essence of each couple and their special day. My friendly and relaxed approach helps couples feel at ease in front of the camera, ensuring natural and authentic images that will be cherished for years to come.