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Venue Name

Gotham Hall

Venue Location

1356 Broadway, New York, NY 10018

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About The Gotham Hall Wedding Venue

Gotham Hall is an iconic Midtown wedding event space that resides in what was the Greenwich Savings Bank. This landmark building boasts a rich history. The building was initially constructed in 1922-1924 and built as the Greenwich Savings Bank. It served as a refined example of bank buildings from the firm of York and Sawyer. Also, it served as a headquarters to mark the growth from its Greenwich Village origins. The building purposely resembles Roman architecture, specifically the Coliseum. It featured the bank’s four-sided elliptical banking room plan as well as the interior displaying a spatial allegory in limestone, sandstone, and steel. The interior is filled with inscriptions and personifications of Minerva and Mercury within the bronze tellers’ screen, giving attributes of wisdom and commerce as a hail to Roman ideologies.

Also, a Roman innovation is the round plan covered with a dome and repeated quite often, as seen at 28 Wall Street. Greenwich Savings Bank resided in the building until 1980. The building changed owners many times, along with the banks that lived in it. Finally, Haier American bought the building in 2000 to serve as their corporate headquarters. After formulating a Gotham Hall management team of seasoned professionals, the space became leased out for the venue now known as Gotham Hall!

Details of the Grounds

Gotham Hall’s featured ballroom gives you 9,000 square feet of wedding festivities. The architecture of the room is to die for! Guests become entranced under 70-foot ceilings, Corinthian columns, and a stunning 3,000-square-foot stained glass skylight. Gotham Hall also rents out a few other more elegant and sophisticated areas. Upon entering Gotham Hall, you’ll pass through the filigree brass doors and be welcomed onto an inlaid marble floor. This flooring guides you directly into the Grand Ballroom. The ballroom can accommodate 250-500 guests.

For smaller events or weddings, the Oak Room is perfect and offers 700 square feet with a max capacity of 75 guests in a theater setting. The Oak Room can also be used as a bridal suite or VIP green room and features oak paneled walls, hand-cut dentil molding, hand-blown glass window panes, hand-forged wrought iron window grates, and an original ornamental fireplace. This building was built at a time when quality and beauty were of the utmost importance. So you know it is a truly spectacular sight to see.

Just off of the Grand Ballroom is the Lounge, which is an ideal space for a cocktail reception, registration area, press/green room, or entertainment room. The Lounge offers 1,500 square feet and a max capacity of 150 guests for a reception. It features a built-in bar, a hand-carved painted ceiling, white marble wainscoting, and ceiling-height brass pocket doors to separate the Lounge from the Grand Ballroom. Which makes it easy to move between the two rooms.

The Mezzanine

Finally, Gotham Hall offers the Mezzanine that overlooks the Grand Ballroom for events like wedding party photos and cocktail hour. The Mezzanine features expansive floor-to-ceiling Corinthian columns, a gilded honeycombed ceiling, and two-story arched windows. This 2,000-square-foot space holds a max of 300 guests for a reception. The Mezzanine also opens up to its Green Room. This former office space now transforms into a relaxed and intimate entertainment space. The Green Room is 300 square feet and can accommodate 40 guests. The room features a soapstone fireplace, oak-paneled walls, and a private restroom. The combined rooms and spaces make Gotham Hall a 17,500-square-foot venue space!

Wedding Details

Gotham Hall events come with its widely experienced and professional event team to help coordinate your event and ensure it comes together perfectly! Their events team and preferred vendors already arrive familiar with the space and guarantee to help you produce the perfect wedding! Gotham Hall also provides in-house catering cooked up by their trained executive chef, Joshua Crane, who has over 28 years of experience in the food industry.

Gotham Hall’s Chef and beverage services allow you to work with them to create an exquisite menu made just for you. They offer both plated dinners and reception buffets with a large pre-formulated menu of food and drink choices. Butler passed hors d’oeuvres can include items like avocado toast, potato Cornets, and savory tart tatin. If you choose a buffet-style reception, station choices range from Korean BBQ to bar food, with specialty stations also available that include a raw bar and sushi.

Plated reception dinners include three courses. A smaller first course, an entree, and a plated dessert are all included. First course options include a variety of dishes like chilled lobster, butternut ravioli, and truffle burrata. Entree options range from beef and chicken dishes to fish and lamb dishes, with a variety of silent vegetarian dishes such as vegan torta panzanella and charred broccoli steak also available. Coffee service compliments the plated desserts ranging from pumpkin cheesecake to olive oil panna cotta to caramelia chocolate mousse cake. With a dedicated team of event staff and chefs, Gotham Hall is hard to beat!

Photo locations at Gotham Hall

When it comes to photo locations, Gotham Hall has you covered. I have not found many - if any - NYC locations that have so many places to take pictures indoors. Whether we're photographing the two of you, your wedding party, or your family photos here are five of my favorite locations on the property:

  1. The Grand Ballroom - The centerpiece of Gotham Hall is its magnificent Grand Ballroom. With soaring ceilings, ornate chandeliers, and beautiful marble pillars, this space is a photographer's dream.
  2. The Mezzanine - Overlooking the Grand Ballroom is the venue's Mezzanine level. This space is perfect for capturing shots of you and your wedding from above, with the stunning architecture of the ballroom as a backdrop.
  3. The Vault - The original bank vault has been transformed into a unique space for cocktail hour, and it also makes for a great photo opportunity. The vault's heavy metal door and intricate lock mechanism add a touch of history and intrigue to any photo.
  4. The Staircase - The grand staircase leading up to the Mezzanine level is another perfect spot for photos. The intricate railing and ornate lighting fixtures make for a stunning backdrop, and the curved shape of the staircase adds a sense of movement and drama to the shots.
  5. The Exterior - Finally, the exterior of Gotham Hall is just as stunning as its interior. The building's neo-classical architecture and ornate detailing make for a beautiful backdrop for outdoor photos. Whether it's on the steps leading up to the entrance or on the street corner, the building's iconic facade is sure to make any photo stand out.