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Venue Name

Old Field Club

Venue Location

86 W Meadow Rd, Setauket- East Setauket, NY 11733

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The Old Field Club in Setauket is one of the most romantic venues for weddings. The natural beauty of the area makes for stunning wedding photos. As a wedding photographer, I am always excited to capture the beautiful moments of a couple's special day at the Old Field Club.

Old Field Club waterfront views are breathtaking. The Long Island Sound is a stunning backdrop for wedding photos. The scenic beachfront also makes for a fantastic photo location. The quaint landscaping around the venue also provides a beautiful natural setting. For instance, the small dock by the beach provides an excellent setting for wedding photos. The many trees and shrubs offer a lovely background.

One of my favorite places to photograph at the Old Field Club is the beautiful garden area. The flowers and greenery provide a beautiful background for photos. The gardens also provide a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere, suitable for intimate wedding photos.

Another beautiful spot for photos is the rustic wooden bridge over the pond. The bridge provides a beautiful setting for photos and the reflection in the water adds magic. The sun setting behind the bridge further enhances the picturesque nature of the spot. The bridge is also a popular spot for couples to take engagement photos.

There are also plenty of excellent locations for photos in the nearby town of Setauket. The historic Setauket Village Green provides an ideal backdrop for photos with its picturesque trees, charming gazebo, and historic buildings. Nearby Frank Melville Memorial Park also provides a beautiful natural setting for photos with its picturesque gardens and peaceful walking paths.

For those who love a nautical feel, nearby Port Jefferson Harbor provides a variety of waterfront locations for photos. The marinas, docks, and lighthouses provide beautiful settings for photos.

In summary, the Old Field Club in Setauket is a superb venue for weddings. Beautiful waterfront views, garden areas, and a rustic bridge make for stunning photos. The nearby town of Setauket also provides great locations for photos with its historic village green, nearby park, and waterfront locations. As a wedding photographer, there is nothing more rewarding than capturing a couple's wedding day at the Old Field Club.