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Pearl River Hilton

Venue Name

Pearl River Hilton

Venue Location

500 Veterans Memorial Dr, Pearl River, NY 10965

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Why do you recommend it?

As a photographer, there are few venues more picturesque than the Pearl River Hilton in Pearl River, NY. Stylish ballrooms and gorgeous outdoor spaces make this venue perfect for wedding photographers.

Honestly, the Pearl River Hilton is a truly stunning venue. With three ballrooms, each with its own unique style and decor, there's a space to suit any wedding style or size. The Grand Ballroom is the largest and can hold up to 800 guests, while the Pearl Ballroom is perfect for more intimate affairs. The Crystal Ballroom, with its stunning chandeliers and mirrored walls, is a gorgeous option.

One of the highlights of the Pearl River Hilton for photographers is its array of outdoor spaces. The gazebo in the beautifully manicured garden provides the perfect backdrop for romantic and intimate photos. The bridge over the pond and the reflections on the water make for amazing wedding photos. There's a beautiful waterfall and lush greenery on the patio for outdoor wedding photos.

But the Pearl River Hilton is not the only spectacular location in the area. Pearl River itself has many stunning spots for wedding photos. The Blue Hill Golf Course offers stunning views of the surrounding hills and has plenty of great spots for outdoor photos. The historic train station has beautiful architecture and vintage charm that makes for beautiful photos. And nearby Nyack Beach State Park features stunning views of the Hudson River and is a popular location for outdoor wedding photos.

Overall, the Pearl River Hilton is a truly special venue for weddings and a dream location for photographers.