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Creating portraits on a wedding day used to be very formulaic. Line up your subjects. Take three pictures : full length, 3/4, close up. Advance your film. Count the number of exposures you have left. Next!
Brooklyn Historical Society Wedding
A more traditional bridal portrait.

Now portraits on a wedding day can look like whatever you’d like them to be. You can be posed in a more traditional manner. You can opt for a more documentary style for your portraits, having them be more moment and interaction-driven. You can opt for a combination of the two.
A portrait of a groom that shows a bit more personality - just what I love!

I love working with my clients to determine what kind of portraits they want, and helping figure out where in the timeline we can incorporate them. Can we grab a few moments of you alone after you get dressed? Is there time for that? Are individual portraits best taken during the portraits of the two of you together?
A bridal portrait in gorgeous light with wonderful movement. This was taken during the portrait session with her husband on the wedding day.

Helping with timelines and the plans of the day is just part of my job as a wedding photographer. I am absolutely not the photographer who books a client and then doesn’t chat with them until the week before the wedding! While your timeline might be handled by your coordinator, I’m always here to talk through any part of the day you need help figuring out.
Highline Wedding Photography
A beautiful, classic portrait with a more modern approach.

I’d love to hear from you and talk to you about the type of portraits you want on your wedding day!

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