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Riviera Waterfront Mansion

Venue Name

Riviera Waterfront Mansion/Riviera at Massapequa

Venue Location

200 E Shore Dr, Massapequa, NY 11758

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Riviera Waterfront Mansion is a gorgeous wedding venue in Massapequa, New York. With a rich history dating back to the early 20th century, this beautiful mansion has been a preferred location for years. Elegant architecture and breathtaking views of the Great South Bay make it a truly gorgeous setting for your wedding.

Here's a closer look at the different spaces for getting ready, ceremonies, and receptions, as well as answers to some common questions about the venue.

  • Getting Ready: Riviera Waterfront Mansion has lovely spaces for you and your wedding party to get ready. The main suite is an attractive and comfortable space, with large mirrors and great lighting for hair and makeup. There is also another large room to relax in and prepare for the big day.
  • Ceremonies: The mansion offers several options for your wedding ceremony. The waterfront lawn is a beautiful outdoor spot with a stunning view of the bay, creating a romantic atmosphere for your vows. If you prefer an indoor ceremony, the elegant ballroom is an excellent choice. With its high ceilings, crystal chandeliers, and floor-to-ceiling windows, it provides a really lovely setting for photos.
  • Receptions: Riviera Waterfront Mansion offers fantastic reception spaces to celebrate with your family and friends. The grand ballroom can accommodate up to 250 guests and features beautiful crystal chandeliers, high ceilings, and large windows overlooking the bay. The outdoor patio is another great option for a more intimate reception, allowing your guests to enjoy the scenic waterfront view.

Now, let's address some common questions about the venue:

  1. Lighting conditions: Riviera Waterfront Mansion's natural lighting is stunning, especially during the golden hour before sunset. The large ballroom windows also allow natural light during the day. For evening receptions, elegant chandeliers and outdoor lighting create a romantic ambiance.

  2. Photogenic locations: The mansion and its surroundings offer many beautiful spots for wedding photos. Some favorites include the waterfront lawn, the grand staircase in the mansion, the outdoor patio, and the gardens - we will discuss more below!

  3. Indoor vs. outdoor photography: Both indoor and outdoor photography options are available at the mansion. The grand ballroom and elegant interiors provide a stunning backdrop for indoor photos. In addition, the waterfront lawn, gardens, and outdoor patio offer beautiful natural settings for outside shots.

  4. Creative photography ideas: Some unique photography ideas for Riviera Waterfront Mansion include taking advantage of the mansion's architecture, capturing reflection shots in the bay, and using the grand staircase for dramatic group photos.

  5. Seasonal considerations: The venue's appearance and photography opportunities change throughout the year. Spring and summer offer lush greenery and beautiful outdoor settings, while fall provides bright foliage colors. Winter weddings can be equally magical, with the mansion's warm interiors and a snowy backdrop. Plan your wedding date according to your preferred seasonal setting.

  6. Wedding party and family photos: For group shots with your wedding party and family, consider using the grand staircase, waterfront lawn, or gardens. These areas offer ample space and beautiful backdrops for your photos.

  7. Backup plans for photography: In case of unfavorable weather or other unforeseen circumstances, it's essential to have a backup plan for your wedding photos. The grand ballroom and other indoor areas of the mansion provide beautiful alternatives to outdoor photos.

The main thing I love here is that the venue offers several fantastic spots for wedding photos. Here are five of my favorite locations at Riviera Waterfront Mansion:

  1. Waterfront Lawn: This beautiful outdoor space offers stunning views of the Great South Bay, making it a perfect backdrop.

  2. Grand Staircase: The mansion's grand staircase provides an elegant and dramatic setting for group photos and portraits.

  3. Gardens: The lush gardens surrounding the mansion offer a serene and picturesque location.

  4. Outdoor Patio: The outdoor patio is an excellent spot for intimate photos with your new spouse, featuring beautiful waterfront views.

  5. Grand Ballroom: The elegant ballroom, with its high ceilings, chandeliers, and large windows, is perfect for stunning indoor shots.

If you'd like to leave the venue and wander elsewhere for photos, we can do that. The area around Riviera Waterfront Mansion is full of lovely spots for even more wedding photos. Here are ten nearby locations to consider for your wedding day photoshoot:

  1. John J. Burns Park (4990 Merrick Rd, Massapequa Park, NY 11762): This beautiful park offers a variety of picturesque settings, including waterfront views and lush greenery.

  2. Massapequa Preserve (Merrick Rd, Massapequa, NY 11758): This large nature preserve provides a peaceful and natural setting.

  3. Tobay Beach (Ocean Parkway, Massapequa, NY 11758): For a beachside photoshoot, head to Tobay Beach for stunning ocean views and sandy shores.

  4. Bethpage State Park (99 Quaker Meeting House Rd, Farmingdale, NY 11735): With its picturesque trees and scenic views, this state park is an ideal spot for a nature-inspired photoshoot.

  5. Jones Beach State Park (2400 Ocean Pkwy, Wantagh, NY 11793): Capture the beauty of the ocean and the beach at this iconic state park.

  6. Seaford Creek (Seaford Creek Rd, Seaford, NY 11783): This tranquil creek offers a lovely waterside setting for your wedding photos.

  7. Old Bethpage Village Restoration (1303 Round Swamp Rd, Old Bethpage, NY 11804): For a unique and historical backdrop, consider this beautifully restored village.

  8. Wantagh Park (1 King Rd, Wantagh, NY 11793): This picturesque park features a beautiful marina, waterfront views, and lush green spaces for your photos.

  9. Oyster Bay National Wildlife Refuge (500 Shore Rd, Oyster Bay, NY 11771): Experience nature and wildlife in this stunning refuge, offering a serene and unique setting for your photos.

  10. Planting Fields Arboretum State Historic Park (1395 Planting Fields Rd, Oyster Bay, NY 11771): With its beautiful gardens, lush greenery, and historic buildings, this park provides a gorgeous and diverse backdrop for your wedding pictures.

Riviera Waterfront Mansion in Massapequa is the perfect venue for a wedding. Its rich history, elegant interiors, and beautiful outdoor spaces provide everything you need. With stunning photography locations both at the venue and nearby, you'll have an incredible collection of images to remember your day!