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Crossed Keys Inn

WPPI Bridal Party Award

The judging criteria at the WPPI 16x20 International Print Competition is very specific. Each score has a reason and a very precise connotation. This image was entered into the print competition in 2013 into the Wedding Division Bridal Party/Family and Friends category. It received a phenomenal score of 85, which is a difficult score to get! A score of 85-89, from the WPPI awards website, states that the image shows "Very good use of imagination, skill, and technique." I truly believe that this image is a great example of that score range. There is a story being told in this image without forcing, prompting, or staging the scene. There is a natural movement to the boy in the swing that mimics the tree branch movement, as well as the slope of the hill. I also love the simple, honest processing of the image. A lot of times in print competitions you see images that have been overworked or manipulated, but I try to keep the editing of my images natural and realistic! In this competition you also have to enter a physical print of the image, and the print of this image was marvelous. The paper texture was flawless and really enhanced the warmth, depth, and vibrancy in the foliage.Keywords: Andover (4), Crossed Keys Inn (11). Filename: 2013_silverdistinction_bridalparty.jpg. 1/400; f/3.5; ISO 250; 70.0 mm.

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