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Sometimes the guests you think will be the wildest and craziest at a reception just aren’t. And sometimes the guests you peg for being the tamest end up on the dance floor all night long. At his Jasna Polana wedding in Princeton, New Jersey, this particular groom spent the entire night on the dance floor! I love this image for so many reasons. I love the dance moves of the groom. I love the reaction of his new wife. I love the facial expressions on the guests in the background. I chose to photograph this image with my Nikon 24-70mm lens at 24mm because I love the wide-angle aspect when shooting dancing. When photographing portraits I prefer a long lens but to get right out on the dance floor with my clients I feel there is nothing better than a sharp wide-angle perspective. I chose to process this image in black and white to further eliminate any distractions and to help the viewer’s eye go straight to the main subjects.

Location: 8 Lawrenceville Rd, Princeton, NJ 08540.

Keywords: Jasna Polana (4), princeton (16). Filename: QS-RECEPTIONDANCING.jpg. 1/30; f/4.0; ISO 1600; 24.0 mm.

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