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Towards the end of this Holly Hedge Estate wedding the bride and groom asked me if we could go outside for a few additional images around the property. My assistant and I headed out with our off-camera flash and video light in tow, not knowing what the circumstances would require. We went to the english courtyard for these portraits … and it immediately began raining! Two wonderful staff members from Holly Hedge followed us outside with umbrellas for the bride and groom and they’re actually holding them in this picture. You can’t see it because I cropped out the umbrellas and the staff members but just off to the right and left of the frame are people and just out of sight at the top of the frame are two huge black golf umbrellas! I positioned the bride and groom between two tall trees wrapped in fairy lights. You can see the softly indistinct lights in the background. You can also see the lights in the foreground more prominently because my lens is quite close to the lights themselves. I chose to photograph this portrait with my 70-200mm lens at f/2.8 to further compress the lights in the foreground and background. The best part of the image isn’t the light or the compression or the lens choice, it’s the wonderful moment between the bride and groom! I loved the final image so much that it’s actually my full page ad in the 2014 issues of New York Weddings Magazine.

Location: 6987 Upper York Rd, New Hope, PA 18938.

Keywords: Holly Hedge (4), New Hope (4). Filename: qs-allsheets.jpg. 1/400; f/2.8; ISO 1000; 200.0 mm.

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