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The Lofts at Prince Wedding

Some moments at weddings are huge. An explosion of laughter, a flower girl darting onto the dance floor in a flurry of giggles, an uncle wiping copious tears from his cheeks as he delivers the wedding blessing.

Some moments are quieter, easier to miss. The slow, sweet slipping of a tear down a cheek. The quick sideways look at your sister when you know she gets just what you're communicating in just that glance. The stifled laugh, the clenching of clasped hands. The sharp intake of breath just before you say "Yes, I do, I do take you forever and ever and ever."

My job is to beautifully capture those moments, both big and small. I'm there to be vigilant, to be your eyes, to be your witness. I'm there to make sure that you remember every one of these moments for years and decades and so much more time in the future.

In a world of cell phones and instant gratification, it's easy take all of that easy documentation for granted. But there are days that transcend documentation-by-phone, days that you want to remember with skilled clarity when your phone is dusty in a drawer and we've moved onto technology yet unknown. Your wedding is one of those days.

At this gorgeous wedding at the Lofts at Prince, this incredible man was doing a beautifully poor job of masking the emotion he was feeling. Hands gripped tightly, jaw clenched - the tears were held back, but only barely, and the unabashed love in his eyes was so very gorgeous and honest. These are the moments I am honored to capture, these are the moments I want them to relive for years and years. I hope that a look at this picture fifty years from now transports them back to that day, on that roof, under that warm sun, when a whole new path of family opened up before them.

What will you remember from your day decades to come?

Location: 9 Crosby Street, New York, NY 10013.

Keywords: Mandarin Oriental Soho (2), New York City (69). Filename: 246_062313_Jou.jpg. 1/400; f/4.0; ISO 1400; 92.0 mm.

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