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Lord Thompson Manor Wedding

Finding a true manor wedding location within driving distance of New York can be a difficult thing. What if you have guests coming from Hartford, Connecticut? What if you also have guests coming from Boston? Where can you have a wedding that is conveniently located between Manhattan and Boston? Look no further than Thompson, Connecticut, and the Lord Thompson Manor.

Modeled after an english manor estate, Lord Thompson Manor is a country estate wedding venue. It can also be described as a manor wedding venue. Located a full half mile off the road, Lord Thompson Manor is set away from the rest of the world. It’s quiet, peaceful, and extraordinarily elegant.

One of the things I love best about a Lord Thompson Manor wedding are the locations for every part of your wedding day. You can get ready in a bridal room at the manor, or nearby at their sister property, the Cottage House.

Your ceremony can take place outside in the gorgeous garden, which seats up to two hundred and twenty guests. The reception also takes place onsite at Lord Thompson Manor, which has no end time! Because you’re on property, you can extend your party to two a.m. if you so desire. Best of all, there are rooms onsite and at the Cottage House for your guests to stay in! This makes it really easy to house your family and bridal party at the venue itself.

I was completely enamored with every aspect of this Lord Thompson Manor wedding. The Cottage House is charming beyond belief, with brilliant light and enormous space for bridal parties to get ready. It truly offered a comfortable, cottage-like feel to the getting ready part of the day.

Once at Lord Thompson Manor, I was almost overwhelmed with the number of locations for portraits. The interior of Lord Thompson Manor is gorgeous, with beautiful dark shadows and brilliant light in all of the rooms. The juxtaposition of that shadow and light made for a wonderful dichotomy between the indoor and outdoor portraits.

The exterior of Lord Thompson Manor is wonderfully private and secluded. We were able to walk the long driveway towards the manor completely alone, and it was such a romantic moment for the couple. The lawns of Lord Thompson Manor are so elegantly manicured, while still retaining a rustic charm. I could have photographed outside there all day!

If you’re looking for a true getaway wedding location a drive away from New York, Lord Thompson Manor is a great choice. It’s a New York manor wedding location while still retaining the charm of a destination wedding location. Your guests probably won’t be able to make the drive out and back in one day, which is why it’s wonderful that there are on-site lodging options.

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