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To be excellent at New York Greek wedding photography, one must first understand a Greek ceremony.

There are so many parts of a Greek wedding ceremony that I find especially incredible. Here are just a few random pieces from these exquisite ceremonies that I find fascinating, beautiful, and a wonderful photo opportunity:

Koufeta at a Greek Wedding

Koufeta, or Jordan almonds, are a staple at any Greek wedding ceremony. Koufeta is meant to symbolize first and foremost the bittersweet life of a newly married couple.

Koufeta are also meant to send well wishes. These wishes are for wealth, healthy and happy children, happiness between the newly married couple, and a long healthy life.

The Koumbaros at a Greek wedding ceremony

One of my favorite parts of the Greek wedding ceremony is the presence of the Koumbaros. The Koumbaros is the "sponsor" of the wedding couple, and plays a huge part during the ceremony itself.

Later in life, the Koumbaros will baptize the wedded couple's first child. They will also serve as a spiritual mentor to the couple's first child, a sort of godparent and advisor.

During the ceremony itself, the Koumbaros will assist in placing the rings on the fingers of the newly married couple. The Koumbaros will also assist in the crowning ceremony during the wedding itself.

The Wedding Crown at a Greek wedding

I love the crowning part of a Greek ceremony. The priest will bless the first spouse three times exactly, then place the crown on the head of the groom. He will then bless the other spouse three times, placing a crown upon her head.

The Koumbaros plays an important part here as well. He or she will exchange the crowns back and forth three times after the priest has placed them.

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