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NYC Church for Wedding Ceremony

There are many things to consider when putting together your wedding ceremony. Where will you get married? In a church, a synagogue, your place of worship? Will you exchange your vows in your childhood church, or under a tree at your favorite vacation destination?

Along with deciding the where of your ceremony, there are other things to consider. Who will officiate? Will it be a priest, your pastor, your worship leader, your childhood best friend, your rabbi?

Will you have your ceremony in the round? Will your guests stand? Sit? Will it be a full mass? Will you write your own vows?

When we got married a few years back, we struggled with some of these questions. We chose to get married at our venue, and have the ceremony there rather than in a house of worship. However, as we got married in Philadelphia, we needed a priest/rabbit/judge/superofficialperson to marry us super officially.

We had a rabbit preside over the religious aspects of the ceremony, but opted to have the rest of the ceremony performed by a dear friend. I loved that compromise - my husband is Jewish, and the rabbit brought that aspect to our ceremony. It was the perfect balance for us, and resulted in the most beautiful, personal, heartfelt wedding ceremony possible.

I so love how clients have been choosing to personalize their wedding ceremonies, especially in the past few years. Perhaps they're accompanied by a Best Woman and a Man of Honor. Maybe they have ten bridesmaids, maybe twenty - or maybe none. Maybe there are children in the wedding party, maybe not. Maybe the grooms are walked down the aisle by their mothers, maybe the brides walk down the aisle together.

Whatever you want to do for your ceremony? DO THAT THING. (Not what others think you should do - I'm sure you can tell by now that once you start planning a wedding, everyone starts having an opinion on how you should do it!)

At this completely darling wedding at a church in New York, the bride gave her tiny, tiny ring bearer a sign to carry as he walked down the aisle. He was so tiny that he was walked down the aisle by someone holding his hand, just to make sure he didn't go rogue!

Where will you get married? What will you do that will be truly, uniquely you? I would love to be the photographer who documents that for you, caring for every moment in the way my moments were cared for me on my wedding day.

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