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NYIT de Seversky Mansion Wedding Pictures

Imagine the romance and luxury of the Gold Coast in the 1920s, with that era coming to life again as you and your guests walk into the NYIT de Seversky Mansion wedding venue, featuring a grand staircase and mosaic inlays. Upon arrival and entering, you’ll see that this is the perfect location for a classic, romantic wedding. NYIT de Seversky Mansion is the perfect venue, ideal for the ultimate couple.

About The NYIT de Seversky Mansion Wedding Venue

The mansion came about in 1916 and combined Gatsby-era opulence, modern convenience, and comfort while offering a highly personalized, stylish location for your wedding. The mansion has elegant rooms and grounds that will set the right tone for any event. The New York Institute of Technology manages NYIT de Seversky Mansion. The school acquired the mansion in 1972, with a portion of its revenue benefiting New York tech and its students.

Details of the Grounds

NYIT de Seversky Mansion offers the ability to exchange your vows in one of their elegant rooms or outside on the patio. After the ceremony, you can have lunch and toast to your new life with one another in one of their beautiful galleries or stroll across the landscape grounds. These are the ideal backdrop for wedding photos you will always treasure. Then enjoy a delicious meal with your guests and dance the night away in one of the mansion’s uniquely decorated rooms.

NYIT de Seversky Mansion wedding venue offers five ceremony locations. The Eastlawn will have a mansion view in all your photos and provides a striking portrait to recite your vows. The patio is on the west side of the mansion and offers a landscape view overlooking the lake with their Linden tree parallel to the space.

The Linden tree is their signature spot for ceremonies and is in bloom from May through November. The garden room is a full glass room that makes you feel outside. It is a perfect location to keep cooler on those warm days or offers a backup location for your ceremony when the weather is not on your side. The ballroom provides a grand entrance, making walking down the aisle a monumental moment. They can also give the bar room as long as no reception is taking place at the time.

Photography Opportunities

NYIT de Seversky Mansion wedding venue is a fantastic location, perfect for unique wedding images and classy, timeless shots to stick in your wedding album. Any pictures taken at this location on your wedding day are sure to be the most breathtaking pictures you’ve ever seen. Starting with the outside of the mansion, the grounds offer a fantastic landscape view with a beautiful backdrop, perfect for wedding party shots and portraits.

The Linden tree is one of the most popular spots for ceremonies and images to be taken, with its beautiful features and the winding woodline behind it. The garden room offers unlimited natural lighting but is safe from the elements. It would be perfect for posed portrait shots, safe from wind gusts or rain.

While the ballroom has tall open windows, the warmly lit chandelier and warm-colored tones give off a warm, cozy, romantic vibe, perfect for candid shots. Both the patio and east lawn feature rolling green lawns, classical columns and architectural backgrounds from the mansion, and plenty of natural lighting surrounded by trees and wood lines, perfect for any kind of images, but especially those of you and your newlywed spouse together in your wedding garments.

Wedding Details

The NYIT de Seversky Mansion wedding venue has much to offer for your wedding day. While also available for complete personalization and customization, the mansion can help you create a celebration that incorporates your culture and family traditions, a diverse menu, and any special features you desire, indoor or outdoor. The mansion has a few suggested wedding styles that you can use as the starting points to design your celebration.

The Traditional & European Styles

The traditional style of the NYIT de Seversky Mansion suits those who want to stay with a customary reception. As you enter the grand foyer, their team escorts you to cocktail hour in the mansion’s heart. This style also includes a three-course dinner and dancing immediately in the grand ballroom. The European style is a blend of their traditional style and mansion style. During this style, following cocktail hour, dinner will take place on one end of the mansion and last about 1.5 hours. After dinner, you and your guests can dance the night away in either the elegant ballroom or the dining room. You will also have the opportunity to enjoy European desserts.

The Gatsby & Nouvelle Styles

The Gatsby style allows you to have access to the entire mansion throughout your event. With the Gatsby style, you get a dedicated, uninterrupted cocktail hour, chef, attendance stations, and open bars throughout the galleries. With no formal assigned seating, your guests can drift freely throughout the mansion at their leisure. The ballroom offers a focal point for your celebration for the remainder of the reception. The nouvelle style of the NYIT de Seversky Mansion wedding venue provides a seasonal menu. The menu includes delicate dishes with impeccable presentation, followed by your ceremony and an enchanting celebration. After this style is a four-hour reception that captures a unique fashion, entertaining and reasonable occasion that embraces its delicious and beautifully presented cuisine.

The Minimony Style

The minimony style is a customary ceremony with a hybrid wedding celebration. This includes three hours for a private wedding ceremony with a choice of three outdoor locations or indoor cocktail tables and a ceremony set up. Champagne will be ready for you to toast and celebrate the newlyweds.

Their cocktail tasting table offers tapas-style options for guests to enjoy after your ceremony. Catering for all events is provided by the mansion. However, you can hire your own catering service if their culinary team cannot create your desired cuisine.

NYIT de Seversky Mansion Wedding

The NYIT de Seversky Mansion wedding venue offers a once-in-a-lifetime experience, a beautiful historical setting, an extraordinary culinary experience, and pre-formulated wedding decor styles and rooms suited to a multitude of different tastes. This location has it all!

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