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Palace at Somerset Park Wedding Photography

The Palace at Somerset Park in Somerset, New Jersey, is a beautifully unique wedding venue.

The Palace at Somerset Park has an East house, and a West house. The East house was decorated to feel like a seventeenth century ballroom. Is an enormous space with an extremely high ceiling. I especially love the staircase that leads you up to the second floor. There is a lovely balcony at the top, and a wonderfully expensive bridal suite.

The West house, also called the West library and the West ballroom, are softer spaces. I especially love the enormous fireplace in the West house itself. The West house has been modeled after a seventeenth century Venetian Palazzo, creating a beautifully gold and purple. I especially love the French doors that open onto the terrace and the rest of the palace at Somerset Park's grounds.

Wedding photo locations at the Palace at Somerset Park

There are so many locations to take Palace at Somerset Park wedding photos.

There are gorgeous, sprawling lawns. There are beautiful vantage points of the stunning building. There are expansive ballrooms. There is also a lovely entry hallway with great light.

At this particular Palace at Somerset Park wedding, the bride and her family had been taking family portraits before the arrival of the flower girls. When the girls arrived, they had to wait their turn for their portraits. They were so charming and sweet, and I adored photographing them.

Wedding photojournalism at the Palace at Somerset Park

I am always looking for unexpected moments during traditional parts of a wedding day. This image perfectly illustrates that.

The girls had been waiting to be photographed, sitting together while I worked my way through other family groupings. I had a quick second to grab an image of them, a completely candid moment during the chaos of family formals.

I love images like this because they really round out the rest of the captures during this time, showing the behind the scenes of the family formals.

Location: 333 Davidson Avenue, Somerset, New Jersey.

Filename: 198_070614_Lysochenko.JPG. 1/200; f/5.6; ISO 6400; 55.0 mm.

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