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I always loved photographing weddings at Philadelphia's wedding venue, Peche Sherman Mills. It was a truly unique wedding space, with a fantastic rustic warehouse appeal. I loved the location. I loved that the venue was a huge blank slate on which any bride or groom could create their dream wedding. I love the numerous locations to take wedding day portraits around the venue.

I was so sad when I heard that Peche Sherman Mills was closing. It had been such a treat to work there over the years, it was bittersweet to learn that it was shutting down. All I have heard many rumors about what wedding venue will reopen in that space, I am certain that it will soon again become a very popular Philadelphia wedding location!

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As a wedding photographer I often don’t get any control over the schedule or timing of the day. I don’t have any say-so about whether the ceremony is at 2pm or 10pm, whether the cocktail hour is indoors or outdoors, or whether the outdoor wedding ceremony faces the setting sun or not.

This means that I have to be ready to make beautiful images for my clients in any scenario and at any time of day.

Wedding photos at Peche Sherman Mills

At this 2012 wedding at the former Peche Sherman Mills in Philadelphia, the bride and groom’s beautiful ceremony was right before sunset. That meant that by the time we finished the family formal photographs we had limited time with the bride and groom - and even more limited light!

After taking some lovely pictures with the sunset light I wanted to make a few more images for the bride and groom before the reception began. This wedding portrait was taken in the Peche ballroom minutes before the wedding guests entered for the reception.

Location: 3502 Scotts Lane, Philadelphia, PA 19129.

Keywords: Peche Sherman Mills, philadelphia (157). Filename: oo531_081712_Latady.jpg. 1/400; f/2.8; ISO 7200; 200.0 mm.

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