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If you’re a portrait photographer in New York, is there any better subject than a Broadway star? And of those Broadway performers, is there one more wonderful than Ali Stroker? In 2015, Ali became the first actress in a wheelchair to perform on Broadway. She was most recently seen as Anna in Deaf West's revival of Spring Awakening.

I had the chance to see Ali Stroker in Spring Awakening, and I knew I needed to create portraits for this amazing woman. I cannot fully articulate the command she had over that stage, and every second she was performing was a second that I was enthralled.

First of all, her voice is utterly flawless. It’s no wonder that she was such a favorite on The Glee Project! Second of all, she’s a fierce actress. She attacks every moment with a great grace and natural ability. Ali is amazing, and it was an honor to work with her as well as to see her perform. I know she is destined for even more great performances in the future.

Finding the best portrait photographer for your needs can be difficult. I can understand that you have many portrait photographers in New York to choose from. What makes me different from the other portrait photographers that you might find? What should you be looking for when choosing a portrait photographer?

You should first look at the light in the portraits. Does the light flatter the subjects? Does it illuminate them properly? Are there blown highlights and shadows obscuring their faces? Does the lighting help the portrait subject stand apart from the background and the portrait subject’s surroundings? Look through the photographer’s portfolio fully. Are all of the portrait subjects lit well?

Next consider the posing. In this image of Ali, she’s posed naturally, yet in a flattering manner. Does your portrait photographer understand a proper pose? Can he or she pose actresses, actors, dancers, maternity sessions, families, and children? Do the poses they use flatter the subjects? Do you get a sense of who the portrait subject is as a person by looking at each portrait?

Lastly, how does the portrait make you feel when you look at it? You might not know the portrait subjects in the photographer’s gallery, but that doesn’t mean you can’t emotionally react to each image. When I see this portrait of Ali Stroker, I can’t help but smile back at her. Her glorious spirit shines through the portrait, and is evident to the viewer.

If you are on a search for the best portrait photographer in New York, I hope that you’ll see that my images are different than others. I would love to work with you on your portrait session!

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