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I have always enjoyed fine art dance photography. I have been a wedding and event photographer for almost fifteen years, and have always loved fine art dance photography. It’s why I’m so drawn to wedding photography.

Weddings remind me so much of theatre and dance.

A wedding day is like a three act play.

There is act one, which is the getting ready process. The couple prepares for their ceremony. They might get hair and makeup. They both don their costumes for the day.

There is act two, the ceremony. This is the middle of the theatrical production, where two become one. This is where the marriage actually takes place.

The day culminates, just like a play, in act three. This is the ending, the party. The couple go to their reception, there is a celebration, and there is an ending to the day.

Wedding days have costumes, sets, props, and a narrative. What could be more like a theatrical production than a wedding? I have a degree in theatre, which is why I am so drawn to the theatrical aspect of wedding days!

Oftentimes, brides wear elegant dresses, often with tulle and flowing veils. Photographing a wedding is so much like fine art dance photography! You have to take elegant, expressive portraits of brides and beautiful portraits of grooms just like you would of dancers in fine art dance photography!

There has to be movement, a gesture, and a grace to a wedding day portrait just like in fine art dance photography. When posing a single subject like a bride or a groom, I think just like I do when working with a dancer.

There has to be grace in the hands.

There must be a fluid movement to the arms, even in stillness.

There has to be a presence in the pose.

Most importantly, there has to be engagement in the eyes. All the fine art dance photography influence on a wedding day portrait means nothing if the subjects aren’t engaged in the moment!

This fine art dance photography portrait of Ariana DeBose exemplifies what I am looking for in a theatrical dance portrait. Ariana is posed perfectly, but naturally. She was working through a series of poses, wrapping her movement around the yards of blush tulle. I was photographing her the whole time, but waiting for that one penultimate moment. She curled her hands together and looked towards the light, and I knew I had it. The process of fine art dance photography is both waiting and creating, sometimes both at the same time!

If you’re looking for fine art dance photographs of yourself, please contact the studio. We have both session fees and time for print options. I look forward to talking to you soon!

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