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When you google "Hamilton musical pictures", so many stills from the production pop up. You will see production shots from their run at the Richard Rodgers Theatre, images from their off-Broadway stint at the Public, and so much more. You can even see images of Barack Obama visiting Hamilton and chatting with the cast!

I wanted to work on Hamilton musical pictures that focused directly on the cast, ensamble, and swings of this amazing Broadway musical. Before explaining why, I’d probably best explain why I love Hamilton so much. To quote Lin-Manuel Miranda’s lyrics, "How lucky we are to be alive right now."

How amazing to be alive in a time when a hip-hop musical about the founding fathers can become a smash hit. How lucky we are to be alive and experience this exhilarating piece of musical theatre, so flawless that the New York Times’ Ben Brantley calls it "proof that the American musical is not only surviving but also evolving in ways that should allow it to thrive and transmogrify in years to come."

I am so impressed and awed by the music, the lyrics, the brilliant direction by Thomas Kail, the impeccable set by David Korins, and the jaw-dropping choreography of Andy Blankenbuehler.

This image is of one of the Hamilton swings, Kamille Upshaw. She’s a graceful, amazing, Juilliard-trained performer and watching her dance simply takes your breath away. She’s THAT good!

I am mostly drawn to Hamilton for the same reason that I’m drawn to wedding photography. A wedding has an arc, from the getting ready to the end of the reception. A musical has the same arc. Now most weddings don’t culminate with a duel in Weehawken, (to quote Mr. Miranda, "Everything is legal in New Jersey!"), but both weddings and musicals have a beautiful ebb and flow to their course.

Working with these amazing performers from Hamilton have inspired me in a way that has also inspired my wedding work to evolve to new levels.

If you have not had a chance to see this exquisite show, I highly suggest you drop everything and run to the Richard Rodgers Theatre in Manhattan (or catch any of the several tours!). If you want to be in the room where this portrait happened (pun intended!) contact me today to book your own portrait session!

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