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New York Dance Audition Photography

If you are looking for New York Dance audition photography, you have come to the right place. At my studio in Brooklyn, New York, I take many portraits of dancers and would love to work with you!

Why would I need dance audition photography?

If you’re auditioning for dance programs in Manhattan and New York, a portfolio of images is crucial. You need to be able to show these dance programs what you look like while performing.

Not only will these images help you get into the dance program of your choice, but they will be beautiful portraits of you for your family and yourself for years to come.

What do I bring to my dance photo shoot?

After you’ve scheduled your session for your New York Dance audition photography, what do you need to bring and plan to wear? That’s a great question, and one that many dancers have when contacting my studio.

I recommend bringing leotards, tights, and a simple camisole-style lyrical dress for women and simply tights, t-shirts, and dance pants for men.

Women are also encouraged to bring sports bra-style tops, cropped shorts, bra tops, and skirts with excellent movement. If you’re not sure about any extras, just bring them along to your shoot and we can look through all of your options together!

I also recommend a mix of colors, not just blacks and whites. While we might stay with a more traditional black leotard look, it’s nice to have options to choose from.

Please make sure that all of your clothes are neat, clean, and mended. Any small tears, holes in tights, etc. will show in the final photographs. I do have a steamer for any gauzy fabrics, but do try to come as prepared as possible.

As a final thought about what to wear, please consider the company that you’re auditioning for. What look would suit them best? Hair up, hair down? Classical leotard, or one with more of a modern edge? Tights or no tights? Take a look online at what other students have worn in their audition photographs, and consider following suit to the best of your ability and body type.

What makes you uniquely qualified to take my audition photos?

I believe that I’m a good choice for your New York Dance audition photography, as I am an ex-dancer myself.

I danced all through my childhood and college years. I have a BFA in Theatre, and years of experience dancing.

I understand angles, the lines of arms and feet, the delicate expression of hands, and the arch of your head.

Please trust that I will help you with every pose and nuance for your New York Dance audition photography.

What will my photo shoot be like?

First, if you’d like your hair and makeup done (and I suggest that for women, you do!), the makeup/hair artist will meet you at the studio to consult with you about the look you’d like to achieve.

We will look through your wardrobe and determine our starting look for both your appearance and your attire.

Hair and makeup usually take about an hour to finish, and from there you’ll have time to warm up before we begin. After that, we will start working through your shoot. The sessionitself should not take more than two hours.

How do I book my session?

If you are looking for a New York dance audition photography session, I do hope that you’ll contact the studio. I’d love to hear about your ambitions, your history, and where you hope to see yourself in the dance world. I’d love to be the photographer to help you get there!

I look forward to meeting you and working with you on your audition photography soon!

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