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I have been an NYC children's photographer since 2008, that I have been photographing portraits of children since beginning my business in 2002.

I have always been drawn to documenting families. This is especially evident in the huge body of wedding photography work that you can see here on this website. What more compelling way to document families than to be there at the moment when two people create a new family through their vows and exchanging of rings!

I love getting to know my wedding photography clients, and watching as these newlyweds become parents in following years. My career as a children's portrait photographer began in just this way. I would photograph a couple's wedding, stay in touch with them after the event, and be hired when they eventually became pregnant and had children of their own.

I absolutely love this legacy. There is something so humbling and amazing to look at a couple's wedding album side-by-side with an album of their first newborn child. It is even more incredible to watch as they expand their family in the years to calm, and more of my portraits join the galleries on their walls.

I am a parent myself. I have been documenting the lives of both of my daughters since they were born. I have taken the role after roll of film of both of them. I have taken dozens, hundreds, thousands, and tens of thousands of photographs of each of them on my phone. I have occasionally driven them into the studio and persuaded them to pose for actual professional portraits!

I know how important it is to have images of my own children. I have photographs of them printed and hanging all over my house. I have photographs of each of my daughters in multiple albums that I have created and lovingly stored throughout the years.

I have created professional photographs of each of their dance recitals, graduations, major life milestones, birthdays, first days of school, and so much more. I know how important every single one of these incredibly fleeting moments are.

It is because of this that I especially love my job as a children's photographer in New York. I know how quickly children grow and change. I know how one second you are looking at your brand-new newborn, and the next second you are looking at a baby. I know how rapidly a baby becomes a toddler, and a toddler becomes a full-fledged child.

Every moment of your child's life is precious. Every day is a new day, and every life milestone is to be celebrated and cherished. I know how many photographs you probably take of your children on your phone! I know how important each one of them is.

I would love to work with you to create beautiful heirloom photographs of your children to hang in your home and serve as a reminder of this wonderful point that they are in their lives. Next to the albums of iPhone photos, and snapshots from vacation, I hope that you will look at the portraits on your wall with pride and nostalgia as the years go by.

I would love to talk with you. I would love to hear your stories about your children, and consult with you on the best way to capture their incredible spirits. I would love to come have you visit my beautiful natural light studio in Brooklyn, and to look at the beautiful prints, products, and albums that we have available. In the end, I would love to be commissioned to photograph your children. It would be an honor.

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