Central Park Engagement Shoot
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Central Park Engagement Shoot

When taking engagement pictures in New York, it can be nearly impossible to find privacy. With a million and a half people living in Manhattan alone, and tourists coming to the city in droves, I’m sure you can imagine how crowded most popular engagement portrait locations can get. No place is more crowded than Central Park. I especially love this image because it is compositionally interesting as well as incredibly peaceful. Finding peace in the middle of Central Park can be nearly impossible, but with a little patience and a good eye, it can be achieved! I have been to this exact location many times, and never found it completely empty. Usually there is a group performing there, people sitting on the stage, or just simply a great deal of foot traffic walking by. We happened to wander by on an unseasonably quiet day, and found the location completely deserted. I love the composition with the bride and groom perfectly framed in the middle of the doorway. I love the sharp rectangular doorway juxtaposed against the softness of their pose and the curve of the bandshell. Most of all, I love how no one location in New York ever looks the same way twice. I may never find this location completely deserted again, but I was so glad it happened for these clients!

Filename: untitled (24 of 32).JPG. 1/400; f/4.0; ISO 360; 70.0 mm.

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