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Quirky Wedding Detail Shots

I often talk to brides and grooms while they are making their decisions on hiring wedding photographers, only to hear them say "We want someone who will see our day in a unique way. We don't want wedding photographs that look just like everyone else's."

If you want photographs that do look like everyone else's, I'm not the wedding photographer for you. If you want someone who sees the world in a unique way, marrying the traditional with the quirkily modern, then I am ABSOLUTELY the person you should pick up the phone and call! (Or email. Email is cool, too!)

This particular quirky detail image was taken at the William Aiken House in Charleston, South Carolina. Having grown up in the south myself I have a soft spot for weddings with a unique southern charm. Every detail was absolutely perfect for the wedding ceremony and tented wedding reception on the grounds of this Charleston venue.

I am always looking for a unique way to show a scene. I believe that it is important to distinguish myself from other photographers and the way I see the composition of an image is unlike anyone else.

While wandering around the grounds of the William Aiken House I was struck by how the buildings behind me were reflected in the windows of the house. When I looked through the window into the cocktail hour area, I saw the cake illuminated by an internal light. Juxtaposing the reflection of the buildings behind me with the light on the wedding cake I was able to create a uniquely layered photograph showing both the environment and the cake detail.

I look for scenes like this at every wedding that I photograph - new ways to see the world, angles onto the scene that no other wedding photographer has found, new ways to document the light cascading into a room, a quirky, out of the way place for a portrait, and so forth. Every weekend. Every time. That's the dedication that I bring to wedding photography, and have for almost two decades now.

Location: 456 King St, Charleston, SC 29403.

Keywords: Charleston, The William Aiken House. Filename: 0361_050810_Wells-Edit.jpg.

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