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When I first heard of Sleepy Hollow, I didn't live in New York. I was a child, reading horror stories around Halloween about a famous headless horseman that galloped through this town with a charming name that I thought I'd never come in personal contact with.

Sleepy Hollow Country Club Wedding The Knot

It wasn't until decades later that I got to know Sleepy Hollow as first a New York resident, and then as a wedding photographer. I fell in love with this charming town, it's dreamy sweetness and beauty.

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Sleepy Hollow is a gorgeous place to visit, so it only stands to reason that it's a beautiful place to get married. If you choose to exchange your vows in this remarkable little hamlet outside of NYC, I'd love to be your wedding photographer. I promise I've grown up and am no longer afraid of headless men on horses...mostly.

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