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Spring Mill Manor is a picturesque, unique wedding venue in Ivyland, Pennsylvania. Bucks County is a gorgeous place to have a wedding, and Spring Mill Manor fits right into its picturesque surroundings. Traditionally described on wedding venue search sites as a "banquet hall" or "catering hall", Spring Mill Manor offers up an elegant charm in a beautiful setting. It’s also a very convenient location for wedding guests to travel to! Spring Mill Manor is very close to Philadelphia, and an easy drive from Montgomery County and New Jersey alike.

Spring Mill Manor lobby

When you enter Spring Mill Manor, you’ll first see a double set of staircases rising above the lobby. The layout of the lobby is expansive, and you can see the second story from the main area. This is where the Ivyland bridal suite is located, which is a perfect place to relax after you ceremony and before your reception. The floors are marble, reflecting a cool elegance. There is a massive chandelier hanging in the lobby, adding a touch of luxury to the enormous space.

Spring Mill Manor ballrooms

As you continue further into Spring Mill Manor, you’ll see the brilliantly appointed ballrooms. There are two very large ballrooms, and two more petite, smaller ballrooms. They are perfect for indoor ceremonies, wedding day cocktail hours, and wedding receptions. You can choose to say your vows at your wedding ceremony in the white outdoor gazebo, or seated inside one of the ballrooms. Spring Mill Manor is a great choice for brides and grooms looking to have a huge party. The enormous ballrooms can hold up to five hundred guests for your wedding reception celebration. The ballrooms are called the Chancellor Room (which seats up to five hundred), the Manor Ballroom (seating up to three hundred and forty), the Terrace Court (seating up to one hundred and fifty), and the Georgian Ballroom (with a capacity of one hundred and ten).

Spring Mill Manor is also a very flexible wedding venue. They offer customizable packages for brides and grooms looking for Kosher catering at Jewish weddings. They also offer packages for guests wishing to have Indian weddings. I love the willingness to create a package that is just right for every wedding couple.

Spring Mill Manor is not only a great place for a wedding, but a wonderful location to take your wedding day photos. The outdoor areas surrounding Spring Mill Manor are classic Bucks County, with abounding greenery and beautiful views. The sunlight comes through the trees brilliantly, and the outdoor spaces at Spring Mill Manor are perfect for bridal portraits, portraits of the couple, portraits of grooms, bridal party pictures, family pictures, and more. The indoor areas are also stellar for wedding day pictures in case of inclement weather or simply another vantage point of this beautiful venue.

Bucks County wedding venue

I highly suggest all Bucks County wedding couples to check out Spring Mill Manor. It’s a beautiful wedding venue, and a wonderful place to photograph! You can’t go wrong with it’s classic charm and modern elegance. The staff there is excellent, and take care of each wedding couple with open arms.

In November of 2016, I was able to shoot at Spring Mill Manor for the first time. We filmed the entire day for my wedding photography education site, The Wedding School. It was a true treat to be able to show enrolled students of The Wedding School what an entire wedding day looks like, from start to finish!

Location: 171 Jacksonville Rd, Ivyland, PA 18974.

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