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Top Indian Wedding Photographer NYC

’ve been photographing South Asian weddings around the New York area since 2008. I love capturing the gorgeous, special ceremonial moments a couple shares as they dedicate themselves to one another. With my vast experience in capturing stunning photographs of Indian weddings in NYC, I’d love to work with you and learn about the Indian traditions you plan to incorporate into your special day.

About Indian Weddings in NYC

Indian weddings are known for extravagant processions, many ceremonial practices, and massive celebrations with large gatherings of family and friends worldwide. NYC Indian weddings feature large-scale celebrations and grand affairs typically held outdoors. Some popular Indian wedding venues in NYC include Metropolitan Pavilion, Paramount Country Club, Pelham Bay Golf Course, Terrace on the Park, The Plaza, and the Regis New York.

Anywhere from 300 to 500 guests (or more) attend a traditional Indian wedding celebration. These unique, culturally-rich ceremonies are elegant, sophisticated, and intricately planned. These ceremonies celebrate the coming together of two families, not just the bride and groom. Weddings can last three days all the way up to one week.

Events at an Indian Wedding

No two NYC Indian weddings are precisely alike; traditions and ceremonial practices vary depending on the family. One thing is sure - a traditional Indian wedding takes place over a period of several days! Typical wedding celebrations span over three days.

The ceremony itself usually lasts about two hours. It takes place on the third day after other more intimate events have passed. The tilak ceremony, Haldi ceremony, mehndi party, and sangeet are some examples of formal events attended only by close friends and family.

The groom’s processional is called a baraat. His grand entrance usually consists of him entering on horseback or in a fancy car. He makes his way toward a dome-like covering called a mandap, where he greets the families. The bride’s grand reveal is the Kanya Aagaman, where she is escorted in by her uncles, the oldest male relative, or literally carried into the ceremony.

I think that one of the most beautiful traditions of a NYC Indian wedding ceremony is the Kanyadan. This is where the couple opens their hands outwards and the father holds his open hand just above their palms while the mother pours water over her husband’s hand. The water washes over the father’s hand and trickles down over the couple’s hands.

Unity Ceremonies

Unity ceremonies vary by culture, but the couple usually exchange flower garlands, called the jai mala. Grooms sometimes give the bride a gift, a beautiful necklace called a mangal sutra. During the hasta melap, one of the female relatives ties a knot between the scarf(s) and/or the sari(s). The couple joins hands, and during the mangal phera, the couple clasps hands and takes four steps around the fire to symbolize all the stages of life.

The couple also takes seven steps around the saptapadi, symbolizing the start of their journey as spouses. After the ceremony, the reception begins, with lots of dancing, food, and fun moments with family and friends. The reception has to be one of the most fun experiences a NYC Indian wedding has to offer.

About Me!

I’m a Brooklyn-based photographer. I live here, and my photography studio is here. I love all aspects of New York City culture and have decades of experience photographing the people of this area. My background in theater and dance has given me an eye for creativity and an appreciation for creating stunning images out of ordinary moments. Through the study of performance, I gained unique insight into how to portray and capture special moments and the emotions behind those moments. This trait sets me apart from other photographers as I have insight and training in how to help facilitate those moments to capture the truest emotion an image can capture.

My education in the performing arts has led me to where I am today. I began photographing weddings back in 2001, and have loved capturing wedding day moments ever since. My experience as a wedding photographer has led me to meet amazing people in extraordinary places worldwide. Additionally, I have experience working with celebrity clients and cultural weddings. So you can trust I will remain professional no matter who walks through the door.

Why Hire Me

NYC Indian weddings have been a significant part of my photography for over a decade. With my extensive experience, I know precisely what moments should be captured. I also know that these events typically take place over several days. I’d love to work with you to hear about how many days you need coverage and what events you have scheduled. I will work with utmost respect and appreciation of you and your family’s cultural practices and traditions, and I will be sure to photograph all those unique, beautiful moments that make your wedding one of the best celebrations of your life.

With my background in the performing arts, I love the rich colors, beautiful ceremonial moments, and large-scale family celebrations that are a part of Indian weddings. I have an eye for catching stunning candid moments and adding a dramatic flair to wedding photography. My photography style doesn’t fit into any one box. Still, I am passionate about drama, elegance, and the interplay of light and shadow. All of these characteristics compliment NYC Indian weddings perfectly.

Indian Wedding Photographer NYC

Indian weddings have many unique ceremonies and traditions. But most are not a part of traditional weddings and span over the course of several days. So my vast experience photographing Indian weddings in the New York area gives me a unique eye for the most memorable moments of these celebrations. I love witnessing the rich cultural practices of Indian families, and I’d love to be your Indian wedding photographer in NYC.

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