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"Why do you take pictures of so many details?"

I was asked that in a potential client consultation recently, and it made me stop in my tracks for a few. I'd always taken photographs of the details of the day, but never really stopped to articulate why. I knew that details were an important part of what I photographed at a wedding...but why?

Then I looked at pictures of weddings from generations gone by, and looked at every.single.thing. Every detail, every person, every outfit, every accessory, every smile, every posed portrait, every everything.

The details of your day make up the fabric of your wedding. They give a sense of time and place. They represent the choices you make on your day, from big to small. They represent you not only now, but for years and decades and hopefully centuries to come.

When you look at the picture of your flowers later, you'll remember the weight of them in your hands as you walked to meet your wife for the first time. When you see a picture of your shoes, you'll remember kicking them off to dance barefoot at your reception. You'll remember how you felt when you found that just right pair. It will take you back, as all of your images will take you back.

This bouquet at this particular Vanderbilt Grace wedding was extraordinary. Purples and magentas and pinks exploded in a riot of still-dewy blossoms. I hope that when the bride looks at this image twenty years from now she remembers how it felt to hold those flowers in her hands when she kissed her husband at the end of the ceremony. How it felt to grip them tightly before heading down the aisle. How beautiful they were, and how beautiful she is.

That is why I photograph details. They help tell the story, your story. What will your story be?

Location: 2 Goat Island, Newport, RI 02840.

Keywords: Belle Mer (22), Flowers by Semia (10), Newport (20), Rhode Island (50), Vanderbilt Grace (10). Filename: 323_080313_Longo.jpg. 1/160; f/1.4; ISO 220; 85.0 mm.

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