501 Union Wedding Venue
Susan Stripling Photography

501 Union Wedding Venue

501 Union is a remarkable wedding venue. Set in a great Brooklyn location, 501 Union is a refreshing space in a sea of hotel ballrooms and catering halls. At this particular 501 Union wedding, the timeline was running a bit tight, and we needed to take the family formals quickly and efficiently. The catering staff was busy setting up for cocktail hour and the reception, and Rebecca Shankman and her team from Pink Bowtie Events were setting up the ceremony location alongside the team from the Little Glass Slipper. With the bar room, ceremony room, and reception room out of the running for family formal location choices, where were we to go? The street was crowded and full of cars. The Green Building, across the street, was totally out because there was a wedding taking place there. I had about thirty seconds to choose a location, and no clue of where to go. The first thing I had to find what great light. I located several spots where the sun was coming from the perfect direction, but then what? I needed a good background. I found a portion of a nearby block that was boarded up for construction - boarded up with a pretty green wall. I love that you can’t tell that this image was taken in the middle of a road full of construction. I love that the light is beautiful and the background is clean. Most of all, I love the wonderful relationship between this gorgeous bride and her lovely grandmother. Documenting these precious relationships is one of my favorite parts of being a wedding photographer! 1/200; f/6.3; ISO 250; 200.0 mm.

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