Arts Ballroom Wedding Photographer
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Arts Ballroom Wedding Photographer

First looks are a tradition that has become more popular in recent years. Personally I have never been a fan of first looks for a lot of reasons. If hair and makeup run late the first look runs late and I lose out on time with the bride and groom. If the bride or groom doesn’t react to the first look the way the other hoped it can be awkward and uncomfortable. More and more it’s becoming a forced thing instead of a natural moment. Does how I feel matter? Not even in the least bit. It’s not about me at all on the wedding day, it’s about what the clients want. I feel like it’s my job to present the pros and cons of a first look and then let the clients choose what works best for THEM. If you want to see each other before your wedding ceremony I will strive to make the most gorgeous images for you possible. If you wait to see each other at your ceremony and take your portraits afterwards then I will do the same - make gorgeous images for you in any circumstance. I will respect your decision and work with whatever your timeline decrees! At this gorgeous 2012 Arts Ballroom wedding in Philadelphia the bride and groom did not want to see each other before the wedding - but they wanted to feel each other and pray together. We opened a door partway and the groom reached backwards outside to find his future wife. They held hands without looking at each other and it was one of the most charming, meaningful moments I’ve ever seen take place before a wedding ceremony.

Location: 1316 S 9th St, Philadelphia, PA 19147.

Keywords: Arts Ballroom (36), philadelphia (438). 1/160; f/3.5; ISO 2800; 32.0 mm.

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