Atlanta Wedding Photography
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Atlanta Wedding Photography

This beautiful wedding at Atlanta’s Georgian Terrace Hotel was very near and dear to my heart. The bride’s family had been in my life since my early college days and it was a pleasure to travel to Atlanta and document this day for them. While getting ready in one of the Georgian Terrace’s luxurious hotel suites the bride was visited by her beloved grandmother. I love this image of the bride and her grandmother interacting before leaving for the wedding ceremony. When I see a moment like this developing I know that if I step in and move the subjects I will change the tone of the moment and probably disrupt it entirely. I feel that it is my job to photograph each available moment in the best way possible without altering it. I made sure to position myself so that when I clicked the camera shutter I was in the right place to capture the window light falling on the bride’s grandmother. I used my 85mm lens to really isolate the women and an f-stop of f/1.8 to focus solely on the grandmother. I processed the image in black and white so that the moment becomes the sole focus of the photograph and I feel that it greatly enhances the impact of the photo.

Location: 659 Peachtree St NE, Atlanta, GA 30308.

Keywords: Atlanta (3), The Georgian Terrace (3). 1/160; f/1.8; ISO 1000; 85.0 mm.