Baltimore Wedding Photographer
Susan Stripling Photography

Baltimore Wedding Photographer

The warmth between the bride and groom was truly obvious at this October 2010 wedding at the B’nai Israel Congregation in Baltimore, Maryland. After their moving Jewish ceremony in the synagogue we rounded up their family and bridal party for some formal photographs and then it was off to Pazo Restaurant for their wedding reception. On their way out of the synagogue to the reception they stopped for a simple, sweet interaction. The bride lifted her hand to the groom’s face and I knew I had the opportunity to make a great photograph. Since I am always striving to make each photograph as visually compelling as possible I quickly saw the reflection of the bride and groom in their getaway car and acted as fast as possible before the moment passed by. Dropping to the ground with my 24-70mm Nikon lens I placed the camera lens as close to the hood of the car as possible. This allowed me to get a clean reflection of the bride and groom in the car’s black finish. At this point I also noticed that I saw a reflection in the car window - three in one! I filled the entire bottom and left side of the photograph with these reflections to enhance the visual impact of the photo. The end result was a naturally occurring moment with great compositional and emotional strength.

Location: 27 Lloyd Street, Baltimore, MD 21202-4623.

Keywords: Baltimore (15), B'nai Israel Congretation (15), Pazo (15). 1/160; f/4.0; ISO 320; 24.0 mm.