Baltimore Wedding Photography
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Baltimore Wedding Photography

As a wedding photographer I love watching moments develop. At this Jewish wedding at Baltimore’s B’nai Israel Congregation the bride paused for a moment to get makeup help from her maid of honor. I love the charming look of deep concentration on the bride’s face as well as the reaction of her groom and his best man. When taking this photo I was careful to compose the image in a way that included the painting to the right of the frame. This made it appear as though the men in the painting were a part of the moment. I chose to process this photograph in black and white to reduce the distractions of color and allow the viewer to focus solely on the emotion of the moment. This image was shot with my 24-70mm lens, one of my favorite pieces of gear on a wedding day. This incredibly versatile Nikon lens is my go-to in many situations and was the perfect lens for creating this photograph.

Location: 27 Lloyd Street, Baltimore, MD 21202-4623.

Keywords: Baltimore (15), B'nai Israel Congretation (15), Pazo (15). 1/160; f/4.0; ISO 3200; 55.0 mm.