Best Philadelphia Wedding Photography
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Best Philadelphia Wedding Photography

I am so sad that TRUST in Philadelphia is no longer a wedding venue! It was a magnificent, unique space with a modern charm in an old-world part of my favorite city. At this wedding reception, while the guests were eating dinner, I took some time to walk around the venue and see if there were any details of the wedding reception that I had not photographed already. TRUST was a unique space in that dinner took place on a wraparound balcony, with dancing on the floor below. I was standing on the balcony taking a wide angle shot of the entire space, when I saw the little flower girls twirling on the dance floor below. I especially love the tiniest of the girls, as she is dancing with her beloved favorite blanket. I waited until the girls spun into the circle of light on the floor and then I knew I had my shot. I love the graceful motion of the little girls, and their circular motions mimicking the circle of light on the floor.

Location: 249 Arch Street, Philadelphia, PA 19106.

Keywords: AKA Rittenhouse Square (9), philadelphia (120). 1/100; f/4.0; ISO 6400; 40.0 mm.