Bitter End Yacht Club Wedding Photography
Susan Stripling Photography

Bitter End Yacht Club Wedding Photography

Children at a wedding are a beautiful thing. Unpredictable and always busy, flower girls and ring bearers bring an entirely different layer to the emotion of an already emotional event. At this sunny wedding at the Bitter End Yacht Club in Virgin Gorda this beautiful flower girl wore a crown of flowers in her hair for the beachfront ceremony. The bride had been getting her hair and makeup done on her suite balcony and she took a few moments away from her preparations to settle the flowers on the girls’ hair. I especially love the breeze blowing the strands of hair around the girls’ face and the circular lines that lead you into and out of the photograph. I chose to shoot this picture at a 70mm focal length and combine that with an f-stop of f/3.2 so that the compression combined with the depth of field of f/3.2 would create a beautifully textured background.

Location: Virgin Gorda, British Virgin Islands.

Keywords: bitter end yacht club (12), virgin gorda (12). 1/160; f/3.2; ISO 250; 70.0 mm.