Black Diamond Ranch Wedding Photos
Susan Stripling Photography

Black Diamond Ranch Wedding Photos

There are many different ways to approach formal photographs of the wedding party. While I absolutely love photographing the wedding party interacting naturally there is definitely a need for a formal image with everyone smiling at the camera!

At this Black Diamond Ranch wedding the bride and groom had a fantastic prop for their group shot - an oar! I loved being able to include this in the formal photograph because it gives it a sense of fun as well as a sense of time and place.

Black Diamond Ranch wedding

While many photographers will pose the formal images precisely I prefer for them to have an element of naturalness to them. The cuffs on the mens’ suits aren’t perfect and every bridesmaid isn’t holding their bouquet at the same height but who cares? I find that the more you pose people the less natural they feel so I prefer to get the groups together casually and allow people to feel comfortable in their bodies. This results in a formal photograph that is still believable. That is what I’m always striving for with formal posed images and I think this photograph is a great example of that!

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