Cape Cod Wedding Photographer
Susan Stripling Photography

Cape Cod Wedding Photographer

When the sun began setting over Cape Cod during this outdoor wedding reception I knew that I had to ask the bride and groom if they’d step out of their wedding reception for a few moments so that we could make some portraits of them in the beautiful late-day light. I saw this amazing shack overlooking the water and desperately wanted the bride and groom to pose on top of it. The only issue was the weatherbeaten and cracking wooden steps that were safe but not precisely easy to climb. Ever an incredible trouper, the bride kicked off her shoes and climbed right to the top! I love this silhouette of the bride and groom against the setting sun. I love the sweet almost-kiss of their pose. I am still so thankful to the bride for climbing barefoot up that old ladder - I think the results were well worth it!Keywords: Cape Cod (9). 1/250; f/4.0; ISO 200; 24.0 mm.

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