Cat Rock Wedding Photography
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Cat Rock Wedding Photography

During this beautiful wedding ceremony in Garrison, New York the bride and groom provided their guests with paper parasols to ward off the rays from the hot summer sun. I was especially drawn to the bright shaft of light that fell on a little girl sitting in the last row. The brightness of her outfit and hair were complemented by the brightness of the sunlight. She stood out in stark contrast to the people sitting next to her in the shadows. When I took the photograph of the little girl I took great care to keep her in the center of the frame bookended on either side by the guests in the shadows. When I took a light meter reading off of her face and exposed properly for her skin the rest of the image disappeared further into the darkness. This resulted in a dramatically dark final image that draws the viewer's eyes directly towards the little girl’s face.

Location: Garrison, New York.

Keywords: Cat Rock (6), Garrison (6), new york (1392). 1/500; f/3.5; ISO 200; 110.0 mm.

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