Clark's Landing Yacht Club Wedding Photographers
Susan Stripling Photography

Clark's Landing Yacht Club Wedding Photographers

Before moving to the New York and Philadelphia area I had a very specific mental image of what the "shore" looked like. I had a stereotypical thought of the beach areas of this beautiful part of the country and was glad to see that the stereotypes are mostly untrue. The incredibly kind people I met in Point Pleasant, New Jersey, at this 2013 wedding were warm, welcoming, and so much like my Florida clients that I felt right at home! This day began at the Sacred Heart Church for the wedding ceremony and ended at the Clark’s Landing Yacht Club for the reception celebration. Before going to either location, the bride got ready in her parents’ home. I love it when clients get ready in their homes, it always lends an intimate, meaningful vibe to the preparation part of the day! I love this image of the bride getting ready because of the fantastic expression on the bride’s face, her look on her mother’s face as she adjusts the veil, and the fact that the background is their own home.

Location: 63 St Mihiel Dr, Delran, NJ 08075.

Keywords: Clark's Landing Yacht Club (6), Point Pleasant (6). 1/60; f/13.0; ISO 8000; 24.0 mm.