Cornell University Wedding
Susan Stripling Photography

Cornell University Wedding

This particular bride and I go back a long way. In 2008, I traveled to Naples, Florida to photograph her sister’s wedding. In 2010, I traveled to Greece to photograph her brother’s in law’s sister’s wedding - how’s that for complicated? Finally, in 2014, I traveled to Ithaca, New York, to photograph her beautiful wedding at Cornell University. Before the wedding ceremony at Cornell’s Sage Chapel the bride and her family waited in the Memorial Antechapel. I love this image because it’s a perfect example of why I love dramatic light. I adore bright highlights and dark shadows, and I strive to utilize this light as much as I can during a wedding day. Some days are all light and bright, with white backgrounds and light skies. On days like that the light stays as it is - crisp and brilliant. But on days where I have the chance to use deeply dramatic lighting I’m going to jump at the chance!  The bride was standing right in the gorgeous light of the Cornell chapel and she was being tended to by her sisters and mother. I love that every subject in the photograph is contributing to the moment. From the gentleman on the left observing, to her sisters fluffing her veil, everyone is part of the scene. I also love the black and white processing to the final image. It eliminates some of the distracting color balances and allows the viewer to focus solely on the moment occurring. I feel that the black and white processing truly emulates the look of black and white film and I love this final image!

Location: Ithaca, NY.

Keywords: black and white (3), Cornell (3). 1/250; f/4.0; ISO 560; 24.0 mm.

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