East Norwich Wedding Photographer
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East Norwich Wedding Photographer

I know a lot of wedding photographers who hate shooting receptions. They feel that all the dancing looks the same, all the music sounds the same, all the food tastes the same, and so on. I have never really felt this way because while yes, many things at wedding receptions are similar, they are never the same. Every wedding has it’s own vibe, it’s own style of party, and every wedding has different people attending it! At this 2013 wedding reception at the Pine Hollow Country Club the bride and groom spent their entire party on the dance floor surrounded by their family and friends. I love this image of the groom being smooched by one of his friends. I love the feel of the movement, I love the honest emotion, and I love that you can practically hear the band playing in the background! It’s these hidden gems of a moment that really fuel my love for reception photography and keeps me fresh at every wedding that I photograph.

Location: 6601 Northern Blvd, East Norwich, NY 11732.

Keywords: East Norwich (18), long island (24), Pine Hollow Country Club (18). 1/60; f/4.0; ISO 640; 31.0 mm.