Four Seasons Philadelphia Wedding Photography
Susan Stripling Photography

Four Seasons Philadelphia Wedding Photography

At this elegant 2011 wedding reception at Philadelphia’s Four Seasons hotel the wedding cake perfectly fit the theme of the day. The pastry chefs at the Four Seasons are extremely talented artist, creating beautiful cakes week in and week out for their client. The peonies on each layer of this cake mirrored the floral arrangements on each of the reception tables. I especially loved the ornate silver stand that the cake rested on and the fact that the bride laid her bridal bouquet next to the cake for additional dramatic impact. Sometimes at weddings I am lucky and the client has hired a lighting designer to enhance the mood and feel of the reception decorations. However, even if a lighting designer is working at the event, highlighting the cake is not always a part of the lighting scenario. To illuminate the wedding cake and set it apart from the rest of the scene, my assistant stood to the left of my camera with a handheld video light aimed directly at the cake. This created the illusion of external event lighting. I never want any lighting that I bring to a reception to change the mood or feel of the environment created by my clients. I am simply aiming to enhance what is already there. I chose to photograph this cake with my 70-200mm so that it created the appearance that the table in the background was closer to the cake than it really was. Oftentimes at wedding receptions the tables are necessarily far apart from each other so that the guests can easily walk and move around in the space. When photographed with a wide angle lens this can make the space sometimes look a bit lonely when empty. I like to shoot reception tables with the 70-200mm because of the intimacy created by the lens compression.

Location: 1 Logan Square, Philadelphia, PA 19103.

Keywords: Four Seasons Philadelphia (18), philadelphia (147). 1/400; f/2.8; ISO 4000; 185.0 mm.