Gramercy Park Hotel Wedding Photographer
Susan Stripling Photography

Gramercy Park Hotel Wedding Photographer

I’m often asked by my clients to take pictures of them in certain locations or in front of certain important landmarks. 

While many wedding photographers don’t like being directed as to which "photo spots" to use, I actually welcome learning more about my clients and what types of locations they are drawn to. 

For this particular wedding at The River Café in Brooklyn, the bride got ready in a gorgeous suite at The Gramercy Park Hotel in Gramercy Park, Manhattan. After putting on her gown and seeing the groom for the first time, the bride requested some photographs at the rooftop bar in the Hotel. 

The Gramercy Park Hotel is notoriously strict about their privacy rules. You are not allowed to take photographs of any kind in any area where guests might be. While I absolutely understand this rule and respect the Hotel’s desire to protect their guests, it understandably makes wedding photography in that particular venue a little bit tricky. 

Many clients will ask to have their wedding photographs taken outside in the private enclave that is Gramercy Park. While the hotel does provide a key to the park to their wedding guests, photography and the park is strictly prohibited. 

This rooftop bar photo was so important to the bride that I wanted to try to find a way to make it happen. The bride and groom went up to the bar and ordered two glasses of champagne. Before we left the room I quietly asked the bride and groom to pass by the window and stop there for a quick kiss. 

I had a wide angle lens on my camera, and my camera at my hip. I knew that I wanted to focus on the bride and groom but dedicate most of the image to capturing the beautiful ceiling that the bride was so drawn to. I was able to fire off a few quick shots without even looking into the camera viewfinder, before we got on the elevator and left the building. 

The end result is one of my favorite photographs from that year.

Location: 2 Lexington Ave, New York, NY 10010.

Keywords: Gramercy Park Hotel (3), New York City (207). 1/160; f/4.0; ISO 640; 24.0 mm.