Hamptons Wedding Photographer
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Hamptons Wedding Photographer

Summer weddings in the Hamptons are always magical and this wedding at the groom’s family’s home in Southhampton, New York in September 2011 was no exception. After a wedding ceremony on the lawn and a cocktail hour around the pool the bride and groom joined their guests for a tented rwedding eception on the sprawling estate lawn. Between the wedding ceremony and reception we took a few moments for some casual family formal photographs, images with the entire bridal party, and some sunset photos of the bride and groom together. It was nearly 7pm, an enchanting time for summer portraits. The sun was low in the sky and when I positioned myself so that the bride and her flower girl were between my camera and the sun the light burned a gorgeous halo around both of them. The bride’s veil was blowing in the breeze and the flower girl reached out to catch it and for a split second the bride turned to look at her. This afforded me an excellent opportunity to document a moment during a posed portrait session. I am always looking for such photographic chances, the fleeting seconds of interaction between the set-up group shots. The light appears especially prominent in the photo because the bride and flower girl are juxtaposed against the dark background of the trees and foliage. The image already had a great deal of warmth from the always-gorgeous Hamptons sunset and I increased the strength of that warmth (as well as adding a little bump in contract) in the post-production stage but otherwise this image is shown exactly as it was captured. In the age of "Just fix that in Photoshop!" I strive to create images that are as close to perfect in-camera as I can and do not rely on any computer program to create the final photograph.

Location: Southhampton, New York.

Keywords: Hamptons (9), new york (135). 1/2500; f/4.0; ISO 200; 70.0 mm.