The LIbrary Hotel Wedding Photographer
Susan Stripling Photography

The LIbrary Hotel Wedding Photographer

One thing that makes being a wedding photographer so fascinating is that I get to know interesting details about each couple that I photograph. At this wedding at the Library Hotel in New York City the bride was an extremely dedicated amateur photographer. I noticed the Diana camera sitting in her hotel suite while she was getting ready for her rooftop wedding ceremony. Since I knew that photography was the passion of hers it was fairly evident that this camera was a precious possession. I always try to make every detail that I photograph is personal to the bride or groom and I felt that this camera was best documented in the hands of the woman who used it to create art. I simply ask the bride to hold her camera for a photograph and she cradled it in her palms in a very natural manner. Too often I see photographers making images that are clever simply for the sake of being clever without helping tell the story. I chose to keep my composition stark and simple - sometimes clean and clear is the best way to approach the making of a photo.

Location: 299 Madison Ave, New York, NY 10017.

Keywords: Library Hotel (9), New York City (207). 1/80; f/2.8; ISO 8000; 85.0 mm.