Lighthouse at Chelsea Pier Wedding Photography
Susan Stripling Photography

Lighthouse at Chelsea Pier Wedding Photography

In a city of millions of people it can be nearly impossible to feel alone in Manhattan. For this 2012 Lighthouse at Chelsea Piers wedding the bride and groom wanted to take their portraits together on the iconic High Line. It was Memorial Day weekend, however, and the High Line was completely packed with tourists and New Yorkers alike. Finding a quiet place to photograph the bride and groom alone was difficult if not entirely impossible! When I’m looking for a place to photograph a portrait the first thing I want is nice light. The second thing I want is a good compositional scene. Finally, I want wonderful, natural interaction between the couple. I found my spot in a small, out of the way corner of the High Line and had my clients practically in between a water fountain, a wall, and a trash can to make an image that looks like they’re all alone in the middle of a forest! It’s all in how you shoot the scene in front of you and the combination of a long lens and a great composition worked beautifully here.

Location: 61 Chelsea Piers #300, New York, NY 10011.

Keywords: Lighthouse at Chelsea Pier (63), New York City (207). 1/640; f/4.0; ISO 200; 140.0 mm.

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